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Would letting them go like this cause future troubles

Of course not.

This wouldn’t cause future troubles, instead, it would be more like an ATM machine for him.

“Even if we don’t let them go, the Ye Family will still know.”

Qin Tian knew what Zhou Wen was going to say and patted his shoulder calmly, “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“Sorry, I was talking too much.”

Zhou Wen lowered his head.

“It’s okay, there’s no harm to being cautious.

After all, I only have one brain.

There will be times when I fail to consider all sides.”

“Yes, Mr.


“Sigh, what a pity!”

Next to him, Wang Yi suddenly remarked.

“What is”

Qin Tian was a little curious.

“This woman is so beautiful, yet she had to be beaten so badly by boss’ wife What a pity…”

“Oh Hahaha!”

Hearing Wang Yi’s words, 

Did he call her boss’ wife

Nice… what a great name!

Qin Tian couldn’t help but start laughing on the side.

“Old Wang, do you like her type”

“Not really like, I just think she’s pretty pleasing to the eye.”

“Pleasing to the eye She’s in her forties already, can she be more pleasing than those young ladies”

“Boss, don’t forget about me,” Wang Yi gave a harmless smile, “I’m also in my forties, no matter how pretty those young ladies may look, I can’t go after them can I”

“Ah I see…”

Seeing Wang Yi’s appearance, Qin Tian also nodded with a smile.

This Wang Yi was indeed honest and innocent.

Even though he’s been single his whole life, he would only want to like women of a similar age.


“That’s good, it’ll save me some trouble.”

He looked around.

“Xiao Liu!”



Xiao Liu quickly came over.

At this time, their focus was still on Wang Yi.

He was dressed as a peasant and spoke in a heavy dialect.

Everyone was still wondering how such a person ended up beside Mr.


But now, they finally understood.

It turned out that this guy was even stronger than Zhou Wen

What in the world…

“Go and get the aunties to clean up the battlefield.”

“Okay Mr.


In Lishan Villa, Qin Tian’s bodyguards felt that Wang Yi’s combat powers were a bit outrageous.

And on a tall building far far away, the mercenaries who watched the Ye Family’s men coming out of the villa also found this to be outrageous.

Lishan Villa was huge, and the buildings beside it weren’t very tall.

In addition to the influence of various aspects such as the blockage of the trees and the weather, they could not see the inside of the villa.

But they installed a bug on Ye Family, and they could also see the members of the Ye Family after coming out.

So they could roughly guess what happened in the villa.

“These Ye Family’s people must be too overconfident, walking into the enemy HQ just like that”

“Indeed, but we didn’t expect the Ye Family to have such a master either.”

“Isn’t that even better Now, if the Ye Family and the Qin Family become enemies, our boss’ chance of winning is even higher.”

“You’re right.

Let’s go get in touch with the Ye Family now.”


Shanghai, Ye Family Villa.

After Ye Wuya heard what happened to his wife and son, he felt like he was almost about to explode on the spot.

His son was pressed to the ground!

And his wife was continuously slapped on the face!

This mother **er…

“Tell me, how did this happen How”

Ye Wuya roared.


Ye, our intel was wrong.”

Chen Shounan said in a panic, “Qin Tian also has a master by his side, and according to Old Fan, he is already at Innate Realm peak.”

“What Innate Realm peak”

Hearing these words from Chen Shounan, Ye Wuya frowned.

He has known about cultivators for a very long time, so he knew that in the cultivation world, in addition to Innate and Required Realm, they were also split into: Early stage, middle stage, late stage, and peak stage.

Each stage was a bit stronger than the former one.

And as for an Innate Peak, they are literally one step away from being a Grandmaster.

Their combat power was almost bizarre.

Ye Family’s cultivators, including two enshrined, were a total of 6.

3 late stage, 2 middle stage.

Only one of them was peak.

As for a Grandmaster He has never even heard about one.

Perhaps those types of people only exist in hidden sects away from mankind.

Fan Zhengxiang, enshrined by the Ye family, was a master of the Innate late stage!

But the person beside Qin Tian was at Innate peak

How is that possible

Since when did cultivators become so popular

Even the Qin Family managed to get such a strong person

“Alright, I understand.”

Ye Wuya took a deep breath, and then a haze flashed in his eyes.

“Qin Tian, Qin Tian, I will kill you at all costs…”

Ring ring!

His phone suddenly rang…

Ye Wuya picked up the phone and saw that the caller was Qin Tian.

“Qin Tian”


Ye, what’s up!”

“Qin Tian, how dare you bastard to call me”

The Ye Family is also a family business, and it has a much longer history than the Qin Family.

As the head of the Ye family, Ye Wuya was naturally highly educated.

But the moment he received Qin Tian’s call, he still couldn’t control his emotions and cursed.

This guy, it turned out that he has never been a good soul to begin with.

And he has been fooling him this whole time

[Ding, completely enraged Ye Wuya, the head of the Ye family, changing the plot, Villain Points 500]

Hearing Ye Wuya cursing himself, and then seeing the extra 500 Villain Points that he just got, Qin Tian smiled.

He didn’t bother at all and continued, “Mr.

Ye, why are you cursing That’s not something nice to do.”

“Qin Tian, stop talking ** with me.”

Ye Wuya didn’t have time to argue with Qin Tian, “Let me ask you, what the ** are you trying to do”

“Hurting my son and beating my wife, you really think you’re something huh…”

“I don’t know if I am something,” Qin Tian’s smile disappeared and his voice also turned cold, “But I know you are sure something.”

“Ye Wuya!”

“I helped you take care of your son, and yet you tell your brother-in-law to come and molest my woman And there’s more.

Your wife told me to fire her I said no and she came all the way here to hit her”

“What You think you can bully me like that all the time”

“That assistant, is your lover” Ye Wuya frowned and said.

“So what”

“You don’t hesitate to turn against my Ye family for a woman”

Ye Wuya frowned even tighter.

“For a woman Is this just for a woman”

Qin Tian yelled loudly, “Ye Wuya, you’ve been doing your dog ass business for so long, do you not know what’s the most important thing for a man”

“It’s face, face! Do you understand”

“What You can let your men come here and do whatever you want, and I can’t even stand up for my woman”

“Qin Tian, you…”

“Shut up! I’m going to tell you right now, since your Ye Family likes to be such a dick, then don’t blame me for not showing mercy…”


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