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After half an hour of kneeling and licking, everyone reluctantly locked the photo into their personal terminal safe and used it as a treasure.

After this series of actions, the passionate emotions of the netizens finally calmed down a little.

Their rationality gradually returned, and everyone soon realized that something was wrong… What was the little first-time renter doing

This thought only flashed through everyones mind once before they quickly came up with an answer —

Do you even need to ask

It was definitely to open a Spirit Food Restaurant!

The moment they thought of being able to taste those delicious and alluring Spirit Food again, everyones eyes instantly lit up, and they swallowed their saliva with all their might.

Under the good influence of Mo Chu, almost all the citizens of the Federation had become a member of theBig Foodie Group! Their obsession with delicacies was no less than their love for the Little Dumplings of the Ning Family…

Not long after, the topic on the internet immediately changed in a different direction.

“Little Chu rented a shop… It should be for the reopening of the Spirit Food Restaurant, right Thats right, thats definitely the case!”

“Other than this option, I reject all other possibilities…”

“Wow! Spirit Food… I can finally eat delicious Spirit Food again.

Im so close to tears!”

“Everyone, guess what new dishes will be served in the spiritual food restaurant Spicy crayfish Boiled fish steamed crab or chicken stewed mushroom”

“Gulp — stop talking! My saliva has already flowed down for three thousand feet!”

“Humph! If you release food pictures in the middle of the night, you will be struck by lightning.

Hurry up and take back what you said just now… Damn it! I really want to eat it!”

For some reason, every time it was night time, the desire to eat became especially restless… Especially for this group of foodies who had been holding back for almost a year, they could not resist the temptation!

Thus, someone finally could not hold it in anymore… He secretly raised a question under Mo ChusSpirit Food Shop homepage —

“Little Chu, are you renting the shop to reopen the Spirit Food Restaurant How long will the opening be Well definitely go and support you!”

… Well done!

Seeing this, the other netizens who were also paying close attention to the Spirit Food Restaurant could not help but clench their fists in excitement!

At the same time, they also gave this brother a thumbs up in their hearts.

Not bad, Young Man! His speaking skills could not be any better!

He simply and succinctly hit the main point, and he even expressed their fervent desire for the Spirit Food Restaurant.

Following that, the netizens hugged their terminals one by one and refreshed the page again and again, waiting for Mo Chus reply… It was obviously a monotonous process, but they were still enjoying it! Thinking about it, they were still a little excited!

After browsing for about two to three minutes, a reply quickly popped up in the comments of the netizens! It was surprisingly Mo Chus reply!

The netizens immediately sat up straight, straightened their backs, and looked down with widened eyes.

“Thats right, I rented this shop to reopen the Spirit Food Restaurant…”

Oh yeah! They guessed it right!

It was indeed the reopening of the Spirit Food Restaurant… Upon seeing this, everyone instantly could not hold back the primeval force in their bodies.

Their hearts seemed to have burst into a bubble, and they wanted nothing more than to immediately hug a pillow and roll a few rounds on the bed.

Of course, there were people who really did this.

When the pillow in their arms was ravaged beyond recognition by them, they instantly reacted.

Right, when would the restaurant be able to open


The netizens who were originally rolling on the bed immediately sat up and finished reading the remaining half of the reply —

“As for the opening… It will probably be at the end of this month! Thank you for your support, please look forward to it!”

… The end of this month

It seemed like it was only the 12th today!

In that case… that would mean that they would have to wait for another half a month

The netizens instantly lay on the bed in grief… Its over, its over, its really going to be like a year!

On the other side, Mo Chu was busy.

After all, it was not that easy to open a restaurant.

Fortunately, she had already had experience in District 3 before, so it was much easier to manage this time.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to complete such a large project in half a month!

Even so, she was extremely busy.

Now, the head chefs manpower had been confirmed.

It was the three disciples who had followed her to District 9.

After such a long period of training, their craftsmanship had also improved by leaps and bounds.

They did not completely reach Mo Chus standard, however, there was at least a 60-70 percent chance of that happening.

In addition, there was the issue of the location and renovation of the shop as well as the problem of the service staff.

She had directly handed this area over to Will.

After all, she was not an expert in this area, so there was no need for her to worry blindly inside.

After she had clearly stated her requirements, Mo Chu had readily stepped out.

Other than that, the biggest problem was the selection and confirmation of the dishes.

Because of this, Mo Chu really chewed on her pen every day as she racked her brains.

She made a list of all the representative Spirit Foods and picked them one by one… She drew on the list and struggled for a few days, yet, she was still unable to produce a proper menu!

Ning Yiyuan was still unable to stand it.

In the end, she came up with an idea for her.

“Why dont you just upload this menu onto the internet and let the netizens vote for it! Is there a need to put in so much effort”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu was instantly enlightened!

Thats right!

Her restaurant was targeted at the people of the Federation, so a public opinion poll was the safest method.

Heh! Why did she not think of this before

There were clearly many people using this method in the 21st century!

Could it really be that she became foolish after one pregnancy… at the thought of this, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle!

“Whats wrong Did you think of something happy”

Seeing that Little Chu was finally no longer conflicted, and a smile appeared on her small face, Ning Yiyuan reached out to gently wrap her waist and ask.

“Umm…” Mo Chu squeezed a few times, and his voice was as soft as a mosquitos voice.

“Do you feel that after giving birth to my baby, I seem to have… become a little silly”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan was slightly stunned, and then he burst out laughing lightly!

This silly girl actually asked such a question She was simply too adorable!

Burying his head in Mo Chus neck, he thought of how she had been fidgeting and being serious just now.

Ning Yiyuan laughed even more fiercely, and her body even trembled slightly!


Seeing this, Mo Chu could not help but feel a little embarrassed and angry.

Even if her question was a little silly, did Ning Yiyuan have to have such a big reaction

“Waa!” The two of them immediately attracted the attention of the two children.

After all, Mo Chu was too busy during this period of time.

Even if she tried her best to find time to spend with the two babies, the frequency was much less than before.

Any childs attachment to their mother was the most intense, especially for infants.

Their mothers body had the most familiar body temperature and smell.

To them, this was the most comfortable and safest place.

Thus, when they saw that mommy was free, the two little fellows immediately threw down the toys they had been playing with and walked over unsteadily.

They openly competed with Ning Yiyuan for her favor.

At this moment, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan were sitting on the sofa.

The position of the sofa was still a little high for the two children.

With their bodies, they wanted to climb up, and it was a rather difficult task… They stretched out their small arms and legs and tried it a few times.

The two children quickly realized this and stomped their feet anxiously on the spot! They were also screaming!

However, the elder brother quickly thought of a way.

He hugged Ning Yiyuans long legs with both hands and directly treated them like a big tree.

He flapped his legs and climbed up.

After expending a lot of effort, he finally succeeded in climbing the peak and successfully sat on the sofa.

The little guy could not help but feel a little smug.

He giggled at Mo Chu for a while, then he kicked his leg back with all his strength, he climbed towards his mothers embrace.

“This little heartless guy!” Looking at his brothers figure that was climbing so fast, Ning Yiyuan could not help but chuckle.

This little guy used his leg to climb up, but in the end, he turned around and kicked him away, heading straight for Mo Chus embrace.

Was this considered the legendary burning bridges after crossing the river

His brother did not understand the complicated feelings of his father, Ning Yiyuan.

At this moment, he was sitting in Mo Chus embrace beautifully.

His little chubby hand was directly wrapped around Mo Chus neck, and a sweet smile appeared on his lips.

Then, he did not forget to shout at his younger sister below, “Wah Wah!” Hurry up and climb up! The numbing embrace is soft and fragrant.

Its very comfortable!

After seeing her brothers success, the younger sister was obviously full of fighting spirit.

She lightly waved her small fist and climbed up Ning Yiyuans thigh.

Although the younger sisters strength was not comparable to her brothers, her bodys flexibility was much higher than his.

She quickly climbed up and… ignoring the expectant Ning Yiyuan, she rushed towards Mo Chu!

Bang! Bang!

Ning Yiyuan instantly felt as if his heart had been shot!

His originally expectant handsome face immediately collapsed…

How could this be

One had to know that between them, he was clearly the gentler one.

His usual behavior was definitely worthy of being called a doting father!

Why were these two children even more clingy to Mo Chu

This simply did not make sense!

Lets not talk about the brother for now, but he doted on the sister a hundred times! As long as the sister said she wanted the stars in the sky, he could immediately get her a fresh piece of meteorite!

In the end

These two little fellows actually had no conscience!

After using him, they kicked him away in minutes!

Touching his own heart, Ning Yiyuan expressed that he was really injured…

Mo Chu did not notice Ning Yiyuan… There were two cute babies in her arms, so who cares

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