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In front of a mountain in a corner of the Land of Death, not far from the castle of the Death King Isis, all of the Death Kings subordinates were gathered.



[This place should be good.

I have permission from Isis-sama after all.]

[Head-dono and I have already collected the ores and other minerals from the mountain…… Well then, lets get to it.]



As Polaris said this, Sirius unsheathed one of the swords sheathed beside her waist.



[……One sword should be enough.]



Immediately after she muttered this, Sirius swung her sword and the huge mountain was instantly separated from the ground, and not only that, it turned into small pieces in mid-air.

Following her actions, Rasal opened the lid of her huge coffin, and the remains of the mountain in the air were sucked into the coffin at a tremendous speed.



[Well, I guess I could use these for rock-related researches.]



Rasal, who had stored the entire mountain in her coffin, looked at Iris while thinking about how to use the materials she just acquired.

Thereupon, Iris produced a black sphere of magic power at the tip of her finger and dropped it toward the ground.



[Annihilation Magic that specifies the target and range in detail is rather tricky……]

[Well, thats just because Head-donos magic power is astonishingly huge.

Even a minor error would be a catastrophe…… Now then, to finish things up, Ill set up a Permanent-type Barrier……]



When the obstructing ice and stones within the range disappeared due to Iris magic, and the earthly soil was visible, Polaris put up a permanent type of barrier and adjusted the temperature of the environment.



[Is this about right, Spica]

[Its just about right.

Blue Crystal Flowers can be grown in any environment, but it would feel good to have a comfortable climate…… Unnn.

The soil here is nice, so the flowers should turn out beautiful.]



Spica crouched down and put her hand on the soil, and a flower field of beautiful blue flowers…… Blue Crystal Flowers were created.



[Unnn, that should do it.

Thank you for the help, everyone~~]

[No, we were a bit bored too.]

[Now thats a magnificent view.

Ive never seen so many Blue Crystal flowers blooming in such large quantities.]



Polaris and Sirius responded to Spicas thanks, while Iris and Rasal slightly nodded their heads.

Yes, the reason they were there this time was to help Spica with her plan to create a Blue Crystal Flower garden near the castle after getting permission from Isis.

The fact that the girls were helping out naturally, not because Spica asked them to, but because they heard Spica talking about building a flower garden, shows how well the girls get along with each other.



[Since weve completed the project, why dont we invite Isis-sama to join us for a cup of tea Isnt it around snack time now]

[Indeed, Isis-sama will be pleased.]



While she gazed at the beautifully completed flower garden, Rasal agreed with Iris suggestion to have tea.

In fact, everyone here were people who are basically attracted to Isis personality, and theres no one who isnt pleased to hear that they will be having tea together with Isis.



[Fufu, Im looking forward to it~~ Well then, Ill be watering the flower garden until Isis-sama arrives.]


[Ohh, Eul is also going to help me Thats reassuring~~]

[Kyuu kyuuu!]



Eulpecula deftly uses her ten tails to hold multiple watering cans, as if to tell Spica that she could count on her.



[Well then, leaving the tea preparation to Iris-dono and Rasal, how about we prepare the table]

[I suppose so.

I believe there was a big white table in Storage Room #2.

That would fit in with the atmosphere of the flower garden.]



Without needing any particular meeting, each of them assigned roles to themselves and started to prepare quickly for Isis.






With the table outdoors prepared and Polaris Barrier Magic set up, Isis sat down on her seat with a smile as a cup filled with tea was placed in front of her.



[Here you go, Isis-sama.]

[……Thank you…… Even so…… Thats a very beautiful flower garden…… All of you made it together, right ……Everyone…… is amazing.]



Receiving the tea brewed by Iris, Isis gazed at the Blue Crystal Flower garden made by her subordinates.

The expression on her face seemed to indicate that she was enjoying the change that had appeared in the corner of the Land of Death, which until then had been all snow, ice and rocky mountains.



[Eul also helped out.

She was quite the expert at watering the flowers.]

[……I see…… Eul…… is also amazing.]




While smiling at Eulpecula, who happily squealed at Isis praise, her subordinates joined Isis at the table, and the sudden tea party began.



[Isis-sama, how about this one I heard its a new pastry from Hydra Kingdom.]

[……Thank you…… Its delicious.]



Everyone is happily talking with each other as they please, and just as usual, Sirius and Rasal were glaring at each other.

Isis gazed at such a scene brimming with heartfelt happiness.

She can proudly say that the people here are the best subordinates…… no, the best family she could ever hope for.

Reflecting upon the happiness of such a thought, Isis enjoyed the tea party with her family members.


















Serious-senpai : [In fact, each of the Pleiades is acting independently, or rather, all of them just have this atmosphere of a group of different people trying to do something together, so from Isis point of view, I guess you could say that they really are the best subordinates.]

: [I can certainly imagine them being a group of friends who go along with the others when one of them has some idea in mind.]


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