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Chapter 193 The whip comes into play


Tian Yuan returned to the dormitory, drew the curtains, closed the door tightly, and locked it.


He approached Pan Lei slowly, smiling. Damn, my man is like a little sheep when he's docile, but when he's truly angry, he's like a super hot pepper, Pan Lei thought to himself. I'm putty in his hands.


"If I hadn't mentioned Pan Yue, I would've forgotten about it, but now that I've remembered it, let's talk about it.

That night, I was scared enough to piss my pants and roll and crawl to flee to He Lian's place.

I was so frightened that I didn't dare to think about returning home.

I thought she was teasing me, and I planned to be at odds with her.

Somehow we became friends, and you know what happened next My darling sister informed me that you two had joined forces to tease me.

I was so enraged."


He was terrified at the time, thinking that women like Pan Yue were too fearsome and valiant.


Who would have guessed it was their joint act He couldn't be mad at Pan Yue, but his family's Pan Lei had to be punished.


Pan Lei repeatedly waved his hands.


"I just wanted to show her how much we love each other, my dear."


"Oh, really"


Tian Yuan grabbed his bag and unhurriedly took out the whip, a gift from his father-in-law, which he would use at this time.


Tian Yuan continued to smile sweetly at Pan Lei, causing Pan Lei's heart to pound furiously. Oh no, I'm dead.

Who the f*ck gave him this whip Did he purchase it Could Tian Yuan be thinking about what his mother said His mother told them that if he didn't behave, Tian Yuan was free to thrash him with a whip. Is that why Tian'er bought this whip He had been subjected to whips since he was a toddler.

He was a mischievous boy, and his father frequently used whips to discipline him.

But he was 31 years old now, and there was no way he was going to take this kind of punishment!


"Dear, my baby, my good baby, my family’s darling, my national treasure, could you please put this thing away I’m panicking just looking at it."


Tian Yuan humph-ed at him after holding the whip in his hand and weighing it a few times in the palm of his other hand.


"Bah! Do you know how scared laozi was back then I was looking through some data when your sister came into my room in a bath towel and approached me seductively.

Can you imagine my state at the time If it had been in ancient times, I would have had to marry her.

I didn't dare to push her away, I didn't dare to look at her, I was so scared that I didn't dare to go back for several days.

You're panicking now You deserve it! You won't know that I'm not to be bullied if I don't punish you according to my Tian family's laws.

You tease me and play tricks on me all the time.

You think you're playing with a child, huh You're happy to watch me make a fool of myself, aren't you Today, I'm going to make you feel some agony.

Let's see if you dare to bully me again!"


Pan Lei had a bitter expression on his face.

He was reaping what he’d sown.

He had not anticipated being betrayed.

He believed it was just a joke, but it got out of hand.


"Ancestor, I was wrong, okay"


"In the future, I'll be completely submissive to you, and I'll love and appreciate you, okay"


"Humph! You've done it now, and I'm going to teach you a lesson.



"Ah, you want to beat me naked You know, we're a couple; we're supposed to kiss and love one another."


Tian Yuan almost chuckled as Pan Lei protested tearfully.

What couple, what kiss How shameless was he to talk about loving each other at this point


"Enough of this crap, hurry up and undress!"


Pan Lei was sad.

He couldn't get away from this thrashing.

Who asked him to go overboard and scare his baby What were you doing being so tough, you witch You truly scared him.

Why did you sell me out if you claimed to be a good strategic alliance


"Dad gave me the whip, and this time I'm in charge of implementing family law.

Dad told me that if you're disobedient, I can discipline you at any time.

Strip immediately, you a$$hole."


Tian Yuan was really pleased with himself.

Humph! What was he afraid of He had the support of his father-in-law! It was now his turn to knock Pan Lei down a notch or two.


Pan Lei shivered as he unbuttoned his shirt.


"Dad, are you my biological father I really am a picked-up child."


Tian Yuan bit his lower lip and held back his laughter.

He stood there watching while Pan Lei removed his shirt and turned his back on him.

Pan Lei had developed this behavior as a result of getting beaten much too frequently.

His father would whip his back as soon as he picked up a whip.

He needed to prepare and take the proper position.

Pan Lei turned his back to Tian Yuan and waited.

Today, he couldn't hide from this whip.


Tian Yuan leaned over, contemplating how to use the whip.

He was only joking.

Who wishes to whip their own partner He was neither an opponent nor a scumbag who'd crawled out of a hole somewhere.

He only meant to frighten Pan Lei and had accepted the whip from his father-in-law in order to keep his father-in-law from flogging Pan Lei in the future.


Tian Yuan gripped the whip in his left hand but found it difficult to use.

He moved to his right hand, but it still felt strange. Just make do with it.


The horsewhip was not very long.

It was the ideal length of one meter, made of leather, and had a handle.


Crack! Tian Yuan slapped the bedspread with the whip.

As it sliced through the air, the whip made a swishing sound.

Pan Lei had certainly been beaten much too frequently.

When he heard the whip, his back tensed.


It landed with a thud on the bedspread.


"You good-for-nothing, let's see if you dare to tease me again."


He raised it.

There was another swoosh, and it landed on the quilt with a crack.


"If you try to pull tricks on me again, I'll be nasty.

I'm going to whip you ten times to see if you learn your lesson."


Pan Lei turned his neck and noticed that the whip slapped the quilt every time.

He grinned since it was just what he expected.

Let alone a pair in deep love, who could be harsh to the person they adore.


Tian Yuan postured a lot, but he couldn't execute it.

Who made them love one another so intensely


"Ba$tard, you still dare to move, dare to resist Confess, say you were wrong."


Pan Lei cooperated beautifully.


"Baby, I was wrong; I’ll never do it again, and I swear I'll never let any woman come within a one-meter radius of you from now on."


Tian Yuan was pleased with this response and smacked the quilt once again.


"Try teasing me again, and I'll really whip you the next time."


Pan Lei made a firm promise.


"There will be no next time, baby."


That sounds more like it.


Tian Yuan muttered something to himself.

He was furious when he saw Pan Lei grin, yet he was reluctant to strike him.

He was, after all, hesitant to do so, wasn't he


"Take off (your) pants for me."


Pan Lei's slyness erupted again.


"Take off pants for you Are you sure"


"Yes, take off (your) pants, take them off for me."


"OK!" Pan Lei stood up and moved over to Tian Yuan's side.

He started taking Tian Yuan's belt off.


Tian Yuan jumped to the side, gripping his pants, his face flushed.


"What, what are you doing Why are you taking off my pants"


Lecher, big hooligan! They only did that kind of thing more than two hours ago.

How can, again, how can he think of doing it again! Did he believe he possessed an indestructible diamond body! He wasn’t an inflatable doll, and he was also exhausted, okay


Pan Lei acted dumb and looked at Tian Yuan particularly innocently.


"Didn't you ask me to take off your pants for you I'm very obedient; you said take off pants for me, so I'm taking them off for you."


"Bah! You opportunistic ba$tard."


He was playing word games.

What an annoying guy! Tian Yuan was pissed off.


Pan Lei chuckled loudly, grasped the leather whip with caution, and tossed it aside.

They mustn’t continue keeping these kinds of endangers-family-harmony things around. I’ll steal it tomorrow and throw it into the gutter.


He picked up Tian Yuan and placed him on the quilt.

He squatted beside Tian Yuan and rubbed his hand.


"Don't be angry any longer.

Give me a smile.

Tian’er, baby, give me a smile."


Tian Yuan shoved him aside.

Could he be mad at him He yanked him, forcing him to stand.


"Go to bed, I'm exhausted.

I'll be going back tomorrow.

Even if I’m back in China, I have to study."


Pan Lei undressed him and stopped acting like a hooligan.

He'd had his fill, so he went from being a big hooligan to a good man.

Tian Yuan reclined in his arms.

Pan Lei removed his socks, undid his shirt button by button, removed his trousers, and covered him in the quilt.


"Where are you going"


Tian Yuan snatched his hand and wouldn't let go.


"Baby, I'll go check and get back right away."


Tian Yuan pouted, refusing to let him go.

Pan Lei had no choice but to strip naked and go under the covers.

He casually contacted the next-door assistant instructor.


"Check for me, are those little **s sleeping"


Tian Yuan felt happy now.

He quickly found the perfect spot, leaned against it, and relaxed.


Pan Lei kissed his brow, stroked his body, and gently pinched his waist.


"Pan Lei, let's stay in my house for now.

We can decorate the new house later.

I really like my current house.

Do you like it or dislike it"


"I like it if you like it.

Then let’s stay there.

We don't need as many houses as we have.

When I return, I will find my eldest brother and ask him to assist me in selling my house.

Then you’ll have enough money to start decorating as you like.

You are free to buy whatever you want.

Buy new furniture and electrical appliances.

We'll live there for the rest of our lives, so let's make it as comfortable as possible."


Tian Yuan was overjoyed and leaned in to kiss him.

He was elated.

He bought this house relying on himself.

Despite the fact that Pan Lei was assisting him in paying the balance, he was accustomed to living there.

He truly didn't want to relocate if it weren't for his mother-in-law and the others who kept talking about moving to a bigger house.


"We'll keep your house while selling mine.

Then you do the interior.

Let's do it this way.

When we return, we'll take the time to head over there and see what it looks like.

I'll be in the army for the majority of the year, and you'll be studying, so we'll postpone the moving until next year.

You go ask your folks whether they'd like to come live with us.

We can't force them if they don't want to.

It is not necessary to decorate the new house.

We'll be living at your house together.

I enjoy staying there as well; it's quite nice."


It would be their home for the rest of their lives.

Naturally, it must be a relaxing environment.

This house didn't have to be huge, just warm.

It didn't have to be magnificent; it was enough that they shared it.

Then there was no issue.


They came to an arrangement.

Tian Yuan's suggestion was straightforward, and he could consider it.

If Tian Yuan wanted to live in a larger house, they would have to run a few more times to find a decoration company in the home furnishing market, where Tian Yuan could pick and choose any style he wanted.

He would stay with Tian Yuan if he did not wish to move.

It would be akin to starting their married lives in the same place where their romance had begun.


Pan Lei could find that house even with his eyes closed, and the surroundings were pleasant.

Even if it was bad, if his beloved liked it, he would as well.




TY: Who wishes to whip their own partner

Amy: You're so innocent, sweetie.


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