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The first thought that came to mind was to calm Lee Yu-Na down.


It was a fact that I knew very well that Jin Ye-Seul favored me and that there was a strange current flowing with Han Soo-Young.

There was no need to provoke her for nothing.


“Hey, calm down for now.”


"Calm I am calm.”


“No, you're not, whoever sees you now…… .”


“You can only change the subject like that No, that's...… all you can say about that Tell me what's on your mind!”




I could hear the sound of something snapping.

And at the same time, I felt as if someone was asking me from within.

Why the hell are you struggling like an idiot


Another voice said in defense that all the playable characters, including Lee Yu-Na, were absolutely necessary to defeat Ariman and to catch the Seven Evils.

That's why, even if others don't know, you have to carry these 8 playable characters with you.


Then the first voice giggled and laughed.

Then, it said, then try your hardest.

But he also added why did you leave Ahn Do-Hoon alone and stayed idle until now.


“…… .”


I knew I had to calm down, but it was too much.


Had it been since that moment when I first fell into this world

I could feel the emotions that had been steadily building up so far seeping out, but I didn't bother to suppress them.




When I exhaled loudly, swear words came out without realizing it.


"Oh, **, things are really getting **tier now."


"What You.

you now...





When I spat out looking at Lee Yu-Na, she flinched and trembled for a moment.


“Wha, what…… .”


"You, I'll give you what you want, so stop whining and shut up.

Okay I'll tell you what's on my mind, just like you want."


I said as I approached her one step closer.


“What the hell's your problem What did I do wrong to you”


“At that time, you told me part-time job…… .”


Looking at her this way as if she didn't want to give up, I smirked and hit back at her.


“So what part-time job did I ask you to do What, did I tell you to commit a crime If not, then what”


"That…… .”


“Hey, get your grip.

Want me to be straight out honest with you You think I'm going to mess around with you, spending my own money, trying to get you alone As you said, I'm a playboy who flies here and there, right Did I do it to you”


“…… .”


Lee Yu-Na looked at me with trembling eyes without saying a word.

As I took a step closer, she began to stumble backward.


It was so funny that I couldn't stand it.

Until a while ago, she was talking so fiercely, and now that I was coming out a bit strong, she couldn't say anything.

No, it just not frightening by me, it just she knew something was going wrong.


“And what, two-timer I’m glad you brought it up.

Jin Ye-Seul!”


When I suddenly called, Jin Ye-Seul, who had been staring blankly at me, was startled and looked at me in surprise.

As I made eye contact with her, who was confused, I could see her expression gradually returning.


“What's the relationship between you and me Do we have a special relationship in a rational sense Say it once with your own mouth.”


Jin Ye-Seul hesitated for a moment and then glanced at Lee Yu-Na and spoke.


“… No, we're just friends.”


"That's right.

Did you hear that"


I took a step closer to Lee Yu-Na.

She took another step back.


“Lee Ye-Eun It's already been a few days since I've seen her.

We’re just senior and junior in the club, so she just helped me once and gave me a good view.

That’s all.

And what else The blonde girl"


It was something I would normally have never said, but now I didn't know.


“That person is Evangeline.

Evangeline Lohengrin.

One of the six guild masters.

She was acting with me because she had something to do."


“No, that’s absurd.

Why is such a person with you...



“Do I have to explain to you Oh! Yeah, you're always the pitiful, sad one, aren't you Also, since you'll think this is a lie, I'll explain it specifically this time.

I have a connection with Lee Myung-Joon.

So she did it because of it.”


Lee Yu-Na looked at Jin Ye-Seul with a desperate look in her eyes.

Jin Ye-Seul shook her head coldly at the look as if she was of asking for help, and answered.


"It's true.

Ji-Hyuk is personally close to Lee Myung-Joon.

They are also in touch with each other.

… Evangeline, it's the first time I've heard of her."


“Tha, that…… .”


It was easy to see that she was believing in Jin Ye-Seul's words straight away.

I took one step closer and Lee Yu-Na took one more step back.

She had nowhere else to turn.


“You ignored what I said, so how come you believe her”


“Tha, that…… .”


"Never mind.

I didn't ask you to listen to your excuse.

Oh, I have one last thing to show you.

So, take a good look.”


I pushed my face into her and grabbed my lower lip.

On the inside of the lip, there was a large wound that still hadn't gone away.


“Did I kiss her Does this look like a kiss wound to your eyes Or is it like a wound from a hard bump”


"Ah, tha…… .”


"Why You were talking good earlier.

Why can't you say anything now"


“…… .”


I just found it ridiculous that she was slowly avoiding my gaze.


The fact that I couldn't say anything to such a child and hesitated.

Despite my own patheticness that I have endured and been foolish.

Even in this situation where I can't hold back my anger for a moment and, am venting my emotions to a person of my younger sister's age.


And also the fact that even in this situation, there were voices in my head worrying about what to do in the future.

I just found it ridiculous.


Why on earth did I have to act like this


“… I did that as a favor to you.

Because your situation didn't look good and I thought it would be nice if I could help you.

But you were very polite."


I shook my head as if I was tired of it.


"Never mind.

Let's just pretend it didn't happen.

I don't want to get involved with you anymore.

Oh, and this is the last piece of advice, so listen carefully."


“…… .”


Seeing her, I couldn't contain my anger.



Someone is holding out like this for good reason.


“You think you're the only one in the world with a hard time, you're the only one who feels like dying, and you're the only one with a sad situation  Now I understand why your teammates don't listen to you even with the back of their ears.

After talking to you for a while, I'm tired like this, so how hard it must have been for them You try to judge, misunderstand, conclude, and don’t want to even talk.”


"Tha, th…… .”


“I told you what was on my mind, just as you wanted.

Are you satisfied now”


Lee Yu-Na didn't answer.

I didn't want to hear an answer either, so I left her alone and walked outside.


“Tell her I'm not feeling well and that I'll go first.

Please do that favor.”


“Uh, yes.”


When I told Jin Ye-Seul, she nodded.

I just stepped out of the building like that.

Anywhere is fine, I wanted to sit down and get some fresh air.


* * *




How much time has passed


Sitting blankly in the cold wind, I felt a little calm.

It seems that something that has been accumulating since coming into this world is being released, even if only a little.

Thanks to this, my heart felt a little lighter, if only a little.


“…… .”


Why have I been so low-key to Lee Yu-Na and other playable characters


It was because they were absolutely necessary to catch Ariman and the Seven Evils.

The best way was to have a close relationship with them all.


To go back.

You just have to hang in there to go back to the original world.

That's how I've endured it by telling myself that.


But gradually, a question that I had been trying to forget emerged in my mind.

Is it possible to have a close relationship with everyone in the first place

And is this something only they can do


Even in the original story, there were times when they couldn't understand each other and were at odds with each other just by being in the same group, but just because it's this world, there's no guarantee that they'll be able to quietly put up with each other and stay together.

Jin Ye-Seul and Han Soo-Young have already begun to engage in a war of nerves little by little, and it is noticeable that Choi Hyun-Woo is also secretly keeping Jin Ye-Seul in check.

Lee Ye-Eun and Cass Lyle were mean to each other from the beginning.

Even though Ahn Do-Hoon was originally a soloist, Ivan and Lee Yu-Na will also build a relationship and confront each other in places I don't know.

Just looking at Lee Yu-Na right now, I didn't know when she got close to Jin Ye-Seul.


I was sick and tired of it.

Going with a low-key attitude while looking at children who are ten years younger than me.

Pretending to not understand what they are saying on purpose and maintaining the relationship roughly.

Having to do it in moderation so that I can endure it and move on.

I was just sick and tired of everything.


'Rather…… .'


Wouldn't it be better to use them only when I really need them and work with strong people like Lee Myung-Joon and Evangeline who would have already died and disappeared in the original story

Thunder Lord's hammer, including Lee Myung Joon, already trusted me half-way, and in the case of other guild masters, it seemed possible with a little effort.

Then I'd have to leave this place, but maybe that's better.


The thoughts continued to bite from tail to tail.


“Um…… .”


Then someone approached me.

I could tell without having to turn my head to look.

it was Lee Yu-Na.


She hesitated and stared at me with her hands clasped in front of her.


“Oh, wait!”


When I got up from my seat without a word and tried to leave, she caught me in an urgent voice.

As I looked at her as if annoyed, Lee Yu-Na bowed her head, not knowing what to do.


“I, I’m sorry.

I really……misunderstood and...… made a big mistake to you all by myself."


“…… .”


As I looked at her as if to say speak as much you want, she began to speak, muttering gibberish to herself.


“You're right.

As you said, I was mistaken by myself for nothing..… After you left, I asked Ye-Seul and thought about it, that…… I really misunderstood everything.

Really, that…… I, I'm sorry...… I even said harsh things to you...… .”


She made a sniffling sound as if she was overwhelmed with emotions for a moment.


“I'm, I'm sorry I misunderstood you.

It was a bit strange when I think about it...… I'm having a bit of a hard time these days...… So I must have been a little too sensitive...… But to you for no reason."


"Are you here to apologize or make excuses"


At my question, she shook her head in surprise.


“N, no! I'm not here to make excuses...

! I'm really sorry, that's why I'm here to apologize...… .”


In fact, this aspect was a typical aspect of her.

In her original story, she was a character with a strong sense of pride and admitted her own faults.

Yeah, it was that kind of character, but...… .


Why is there just an annoying kid in front of me now

No matter how little she has grown, isn't this too much

I was thinking like that.


“That, this is not an excuse…… A few days ago, someone I knew told me was a good part-time job, so I went there...… But that...… It turns out....…That's what happened.

I was overreacting without even realizing it....… .”


“…… .”


"I'm sorry……I really…… .”


She bowed her head deeply at the end of the word.


“I misunderstood and made a fuss by myself for nothing, I'm really sorry…… .”


Looking at her with her head down deeply, I sighed softly.



This was enough.


“Hey, Lee Yu-Na.”


"Ye, yes."


When I called, Lee Yu-Na looked at me in surprise.

It was as if a small animal was startled by a loud noise.

Seeing her like that, I smiled softly.


“If you're done with what you have to say, please get out of my sight.”


I felt like I was going to die of anger first, if I looked at her face any longer.

Let's not complicate things anymore.

I thought so.


* * *


It wasn't long after Lee Yu-Na, who had been absent-minded for a while at my words, bowed her head once more without a word and disappeared.


This time, Jin Ye-Seul approached me with a sneaky gait, looking at me.

I was definitely still in a bad mood, but not enough to vent my anger on someone who wasn't involved.

When I glanced at her as if nothing was wrong, she, who looked anxious, smiled quietly only then.




"I have a question."


She gently sat down next to me.

I replied with a small click tongue.


“Why, is it amazing to see me screaming and getting angry"



Oh, yes.

Of course, it was fresh, too...… .”


"My personality is always like this."


Thanks to growing up while treated like a child left by my parents, and often teased by children my age in the neighborhood.

The grown-ups in the neighborhood were no different.

In addition, I quit college in the middle of the year and worked at a factory, doing whatever I could to make money.

Could such a human be wishy-washy


“I was just pretending.

Because it's easier that way.

People will just gloss over without much fuss."


She didn't say a word, just stared at him.

Then she asked whisperingly in a quiet voice.


“Yu-Na, needed”





Do you need her"


For a moment, I couldn't understand what she was asking.

But after thinking for a while, I nodded my head.



I need her ability.

But as you can see, the relationship is so twisted that I don't think I can do it.

I don't think I should take her while enduring my temper."


That's a relief.

That means I shouldn't kill her."


I looked at her for a moment, wondering if I heard it wrong.

When I looked at her as if to explain, she smiled as if she was ashamed.


“If she bothers you, I have to kill her.”


“… Isn't she your friend"


Jin Ye-Seul hesitated a little here.


“Yes, we’re friends, but…… There's something else that's more important."


She muttered like that and got up from her seat.


"First of all, I get it.

Since Ji-Hyuk, you said you need her...… .”


She smiled a little and said to me.


“I’m going to deliver a parcel later tonight, so make sure you get it, okay”


Oh, right.

She paused and looked back at me before she went.


"That's an accident, right"


I knew what she was asking.

I stared at her and asked.


“Then what do you think it was”


She smiled at the answer as if it were enough.


“I am helping you, right”


I nodded.

It seemed to be enough for her.


And as she said, a parcel arrived late at night.

It was a box containing a few documents along with Jin Ye-Seul's letter.


Underneath Jin Ye-Seul's letter, which read, Don't feel burdened, do as you please, there were several debt transfer documents for Lee Yu-Na's debts.


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