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Every time he moved, a strange liquid flowed out of his eyes and nose.

Lee Myung-Joon who saw it, let out a breath close to the sighing, and Jin Ye-Seul was still fiddling with her stockings, as if she was in a bad mood.


Yoo Ji-Ho, no, the one who used to be Yoo Ji-Ho grabbed his broken head with one hand and put it back to its original state.

There was a loud, crunching sound that was not supposed to come from a human body.

“It’s hard to find a body like this.

So please treat me nicely...… .”

The one who used to be Yoo Ji-Ho quickly threw himself backward in the middle of spitting out the words.

It was because Lee Myung-Joon, who was covered in thunderbolts all over his body in an instant, was right in front of him.

In Lee Myung-Joon's hand, Yoo Ji-Ho's torn right arm was held.

He glanced at the cross-section of his arm and nodded slightly as he saw the inside full of wriggling liquid.

“Wa, **.


You rip off your own friend's arm like that.

That's scary!"

Ignoring his chattering words, Lee Myung-Joon pulled out the spear for the hand he was holding in his right hand.

It was when the liquid flowed out from Yoo Ji-Ho's severed arm and started to form some kind of shape.


A dazzling light spilled out from Lee Myung-Joon's stretched fingers, blinding me for a moment.

Flashing lights and thunderbolts.

If lightning strikes in front of my eyes, would it feel like this

When I lowered the hand that had been covering my eyes, most of Yoo Ji-ho's upper body, which was hit by the light, was blown away.

"Don't think about dying nicely."

With those words, Lee Myung-Joon grabbed the spear and rushed at him.

The enemy tried to resist somehow, but his head was cut off in just two hits.

It was truly an overwhelming ability.

And it was quite different from when he fought against the corpse of his close friend in the past, which Isabelle Gaudi controlled.

What on earth had made him like that

“…… .”

Lee Myung-Joon looked at the neck of his friend, which had been cut and rolled on the floor, with a complicated gaze.

A gurgling fluid flowed from the hero's mangled corpse and slowly spread across the ground.

It was then.



In an instant, a stream of water poured down from the ceiling and soaked us all.

Surprised, Jin Ye-Seul covered her head with both hands, and Yuzuki Horie muttered quietly.

“Sprinkler…… .”

Since it was indoors, of course, it would have been prepared for the fire.

However, this time, the sprinkler suddenly exploded...… .

“Wa, ssssi.

I'm scared."

Another man appeared in a corner of the square, across the hallway.

Wearing glasses, he stuck his tongue out and looked around the square, which was littered with the shattered corpse of Yoo Ji-Ho.

"After all, he could use such a cringy name like the Thunder Lord's Hammer.

The Ten Strongest name isn't for nothing."

After standing in the aisle and confirming that the sprinkler had stopped, he entered the square.

As soon as he entered the square, the door to the only passage was firmly closed.

The man smirked as he pulled out his pistol.

"But what do I do about this Your companions are all soaked, aren't they"

As soon as he finished speaking, the man pulled the trigger of the pistol.

When Lee Myung-Joon hit all of the bullets without difficulty, he let out a small whistle.

“It’s really scary.”

Then as he waved his hand, the liquid that had been squirming suddenly leaped towards Lee Myung-Joon as if it had a will of its own.

“You guys just stay there.”

Lee Myung-Joon said so and fixed the spear.

"It can be annoying."

He muttered and spun the spear, bouncing off all the water drops that were pouring down on him with a fierce force like a shotgun.

In the midst of all this, I could only marvel at the way he cleverly avoided and blocked the bullets that were flying at him in a way that he would not miss them.

Perhaps because Horie Yuzuki wasn't the fighting type in the first place, or it was because of Lee Myung-Joon's words, she dragged us back and gently moved back.

In fact, even if she hadn't indirectly stopped, I wouldn't have run to join.

I couldn't find any room to intervene.

Then I had to at least help him from behind.

If the water was stagnant, we would be at a disadvantage.

It was obvious, but it was also very annoying.

I touched the ground with my right hand and made the branches of the World Tree stretch out like roots.

Soon after, the branches of the World Tree began to suck up water.

Along the way, the guy seemed to be rambling on about how he was a gourmand, not a glutton, but I ignored it and focused all my attention on sucking the cold water that pooled on the floor.


Then, I heard a loud noise and looked in front of me, and saw that Jin Ye-Seul was standing in front of me as if blocking me.

As she slowly lowered one leg she had lifted, I could see a man with glasses clicking out his tongue.

It seems that Jin Ye-Seul had blocked a bullet that had been aimed at me.

Looking down, I could see Henir's Shadow quietly sinking.

I continued to suck the water.

Before I knew it, the water, which had been accumulated to the point of being stagnant, had exposed the floor.

In proportion to this, the momentum of the liquid attacking Lee Myung-Joon decreased drastically.

It was when the man with the glasses took out a new magazine with a twisted expression on his face, as if he didn't like it.


Suddenly, Lee Myung-Joon spun the spear with a shout and threw it toward the persistently rushing liquid.

Then, surprisingly, the liquid caught in the rotation of the spear was sucked in, as it flew and got stuck to the wall.

Without even checking it, Lee Myung-Joon immediately rushed towards the man with the glasses.

“Hey, crazy… !”

He pulled the trigger as if in rebellion, but Lee Myung-Joon dodged all the bullets without difficulty.

Soon after, the straight punch, which was pushed with all might, pierced the man's chest like a spear blade.


The man, whose chest was pierced, shook his body as he vomited blood.

As if trying to pull out Lee Myung-Joon's tightly locked hand, he grabbed Lee Myung-Joon's wrist with trembling hands.

“Did you think I would lose to a bastard like you just because I couldn’t use lightning”

At Lee Myung-Joon's cold muttering words, the man wearing glasses man grabbed his arm firmly.

“Yes, there could be… !”

The man who coughed up blood laughed as he stared at Lee Myung Joon with bloodshot eyes.

“D***head… ! From the beginning, my role is…… this is what I was supposed to do...!"

"Huh What, no way...


Lee Myung-Joon tried to push him away, but this time it wasn't him, it was the other guy who was a bit faster.

For an instant, their appearance seemed to be distorted, and at some point they disappeared.

We knew exactly what it was.

It is also because we also came here through that method.

"That's too bad."

It was a different man's voice than before.

There was a man stuck on the wall, who had been pierced by the spear that Lee Myung-Joon had thrown.

“He was a good friend.”

He naturally walked out of the spear that had pierced his stomach.

Seeing his body melt like a mushy liquid, I was convinced only then.

The man with the ability to warp and the man with liquefaction ability in front of us.

Lee Myung-Joon was fighting against both of them from the beginning.

And even Lee Myung-Joon misjudged that he was fighting one opponent.

However, it was inevitable.

Who could have predicted it

"You've lost your mind.

Using a warp-capable person as bait”

Warp-capable people are rare, and their price was literally what they called.

All countries, guilds, and associations wanted warp-capable people, and the fact that warp-capable people were closely monitored and controlled around the world showed how important they were.

Even in the original story, the number of people who could use the warp ability was so small that it could be counted on two hands.

But now, such a warp-capable person was used as bait.

Who could have predicted that

“If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't be able to separate him.”

He muttered quietly.

"Without him, you three are no match for me."

With that word, water droplets poured out like a shotgun, piercing through the floor and targeting three of us at the same time.

The first thing I did in that situation was to extend the branches of the world tree to protect Horie Yuzuki.

In the current situation, even if Lee Myung Joon had to leave the battlefield for a while, he could always be brought back as long as she was there.

And everyone here was well aware of that fact.

If Jin Ye-Seul and I were two, then about six water droplets fell on Horie Yuzuki.

Even though I hurriedly extended the branches of the World Tree, I could tell that the timing was not right.

However, my worries like this were merely unfounded.

Even though she was not in a combat position, Horie Yuzuki was a hero who had been by Lee Myung-Joon's side longer than anyone else in the Thunder Lord's Hammer.

That fact alone was enough.


She easily shook off all the threats that were aimed at her.

Similarly, Jin Ye-Seul and I, who had avoided or blocked all the flying water droplets, naturally stuck to both sides as if escorting her.


Jin Ye-Seul said as she tapped the ground with a thump, and the blades protruded out of her shoes.

“I will hold him somehow.

If you go and bring Lee Myung-Joon...… .”


Horie Yuzuki shook her head quietly.

“I know it because I'm also warp-capable.

It takes a lot of time to find someone who was randomly sent away like that.

Perhaps he might have been warped underground or up into the sky.

More than anything…… .”

She pulled something out of her pocket.

It was a chain with weights on both sides.

"I can't tolerate leaving young students as bait."

"Then all three of you can die together."

The man's head suddenly exploded as he uttered those words.

Horie Yuzuki, who had sent the mace chain flying, quickly retrieved it and muttered. 

Even I, who didn't know any Japanese, could understand the words just now contain the words  'Shut up' and 'Die'.

“Well then, I have no choice.”

Jin Ye-Seul said so and looked at me.

I took a small breath as I looked at her as if waiting for my instructions and quickly scanned the current situation.

On the way, I could feel the branches of the World Tree wriggling from the inside of my body.

“I will go first.”

Jin Ye-Seul calmly took on the role of the bait.

We all knew that it was the best choice, so we didn't say anything.

An opponent whose body is liquid.

I don't know to what extent it was, but even after being struck by Lee Myung-Joon's lightning, he was unharmed, and even after being torn apart like that, there was no sign that he was injured.

It would be better to assume that he is literally like a liquid and cannot be physically attacked at all.

And the current Jin Ye-Seul had no means of attack that would work against an opponent like that.

“Oh, wait.”

I gently put my hand on her back, stopping Jin Ye-Seul who was about to rush right away.

Then, surprised, she looked at me with trembling eyes as if in bewilderment.

“Ji, Ji-Hyuk”

"It's done."

Then I immediately placed my hand on Horie Yuzuki's shoulder.

Even though she seemed to be wondering what I was doing, she didn't look away from the enemy.

“It’s insurance.”

With that, I pulled my hand away and looked at him.

A body of fluid that constantly wiggles.

‘Will Nidhogg’s fang work’

Nidhogg's fang can inflict damage to formless objects, such as fluids and spirits.

However, it seemed a bit unreasonable to treat that form as fluid or spirit.

In the end, would it be best to weaken it by sucking it into the branches of the World Tree

With that thought, I pulled out Yado's dagger that Jin Ye-Seul had given him.


With a shout that felt like sniffing, Jin Ye-Seul suddenly threw the sofa next to her at him.

He didn't bother to avoid it.

He was hit by the sofa with a smashing sound and scattered, and when he returned to normal, Jin Ye-Seul kicked him with all her might and blew him away again.

"It's no use."

Jin Ye-Seul, who hit his face once more with the desk saying that, clicked her tongue and stepped back.

She wasn't the only one who stepped back.

As soon as I approached him, he also quickly stepped back.

And in an instant, he took the shape of a human, and before I knew it, he was holding what looked like a liquid whip in one hand.

It was when he was about to slash it at me.


Once again, with a heavy sound, his head and the hand holding the whip exploded.

From afar, Horie Yuzuki swung the mace chain once more.

"Just in case, Horie-ssi.”

She must have understood because she had more sense than anyone else in this kind of thing.

In fact, Jin Ye-Seul quickly fell back as if she knew what I was saying.

And as she passed by me, I rushed to him, spreading the branches of the World Tree wide with all my might.

“Oh, crazy! What the ** this is so wrong!"

For a moment, when his body, touched by the branches of the World Tree, was sucked into a lump, he spat out swear words as if he was frightened.

I just have to keep sucking it in like this, but of course, that wasn't going to happen.

Suddenly, I felt his body was going to explode, and then a stream of water came flying at me.

As I raised his hand to block the strong stream of water, I suddenly felt something sticking to my face.

"Can I give you a sense of what it's like to drown on land"

He giggled and whispered, covering my nose and mouth with his body.

At the same time, I could feel the water rushing into my nose and mouth.

I tried to scrape it off with my hand, but I couldn't get the liquid out.

I tried to shake him off with the brunch World Tree, but he just dodged the brunch of World Tree with an unpleasant laugh.


With Jin Ye-Seul's shouting, I fell to my knees.

As I collapsed as if I had fallen over with his unpleasant laughter, I heard a shriek like Jin Ye-Seul's scream.

“You bastard! How dare...


“Aww, I'm scared.”

With those words, the man looked at Jin Ye-Seul with his body wrapped around my face as if he wanted to make it clear until the end.

As I fell, I thought.

This was definitely something I couldn't have predicted.

I really couldn't have predicted that he would use such a move on me before those two.


The branches of the World Tree that had stretched out from my hand dug into his body.

My eyes met his as he stared at me in fright.

Only then did he see the Henir's Shadow that was blocking my nose and mouth like a mask.

"What the… !”

Before he could do anything, I began to absorb his body with the branches of the World Tree with all my might.

He immediately tried to get away, but he had already stuck too close to me.

When I saw his body gradually disappearing, I opened my mouth.

Then, Henir's Shadow, which had been hiding in my body, sent out the water that had entered his body as if scraping it.

“I already expected it, you dirty and filthy bastard.”

It's Yoo Ji-Ho, isn't it

I could predict it immediately as I saw liquid flowing out of the eyes and nose of the body, which used to be Lee Myung-Joon's colleague.

If he could get inside the body of a dead person and manipulate it, he could probably penetrate the body of a living person.

That's why, just in case, I had, of course, put Henir's Shadow on both of them in advance.

I won't be hit twice.

While muttering like that, I embraced him with the branches of the World Tree over and over again so that he could not escape.

“Ahhhhhh… ! Sto, stop! Please stop!"

It was enough to for me go through a crisis of dying from carelessness once.

I just thought so as I saw him, who was gradually disappearing with a scream, unable to escape wrapped around the branches of the World Tree.


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