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"Well, the standards are really excellent."

Even if it is only a handful of standards, who knew a first-year student would be like that.

At that level, it was clear that most of Urea's students would fall even before they could do anything.

The mana management ability and swordsmanship that was shown during the match alone was enough to compare the boy with an active hero.


What do you think”

In response to Isaac McDowell's question, the muscular man sitting right next to him asked quietly.

“What do you mean”

“What would it be like if you and those students compete"

To Isaac's question, the tall-looking Slavs replied as if there was nothing to think about.

“I will lose.

No matter which of the two I have to face.”


Calling Dmitry, he looked down at the arena with eyes that were still but steadfast in strength.

There was a boy with his weapon cut off, standing there blankly, and a boy who overwhelmingly overpowered such a boy and walked away as if nothing had happened.

Despite the loud cheers around him, his voice resonated clearly.

"If it's the boy with a lance, I'll be able to hold out for a few minutes, but the other one, even if I make a surprise attack, I won't be able to win."

"Hmm, and what else do you think"

"I think it's a pity."

Dmitri now saw the boy walking bareheaded, dropping the now-defunct weapon into the Sparring area.

“Both of them were strong and talented beyond their age, but one was so strong that the other didn’t stand out.

Of the 40 or so students I have seen in this stadium so far, they are by far the best.”

“That’s precise.”

It meant that Dmitri was no match for those two.

Ahn Do-Hoon and Choi Hyun-Woo were both strong and talented beyond their years, but Isaac agreed that one was too strong that the other was not highlighted.

“But I have the ability that the professor has given me.”

Dmitry murmured quietly, but in a tone that looked like something was simmering in his voice.

“If I use that ability, even if I fight them both at the same time, I will win.”

“I suppose that's true as well."

Isaac nodded, agreeing again this time.

Because Dmitry's opinion was an extremely calculated answer that was devoid of all things like pride and competitive spirit.

His objective view was also the reason he often chose Dmitry as an escort and attendant among his four disciples.

"It's been longer than that."

Taking out his silvery-white pocket watch in a terse motion, he checked the time.

Then, a man with an ordinary impression approached him and sat down beside him.

“Isaac McDowell.

Is that right"

“I don't want to go as far as the word 'respect', but at least imitate respect."

Isaac gave a loose smile and looked at the young man.

“Whatever, aren't we working together on an equal footing I think we should respect each other.”

“… Excuse me.

I think this guy hasn't been able to learn so much, so please understand.


“I will accept the apology.”

The man, who once lowered his head, suddenly took out a piece of gum from his pocket and put it in his mouth.

While chewing gum, he blew the balloon big, and then burst the balloon with a popping sound.

At that moment, Isaac and Dmitry could notice a slight change in the sound around them.

The man said, spitting the gum on a paper.

“Now, no one else will hear what we say.”

“It’s an interesting ability.”

The man shrugged his shoulder once.

“Let's get to the point quickly.

We're moving in groups of three.

Two of my colleagues except me are waiting somewhere else."

“Is that all three of you”

“There are one or two more guys who can assist us, but it’s better not to hit with all the power.”

The man muttered in a contemptuous tone, and Isaac didn't miss it.

It seems they don't get along very well.

"If you move as promised, we'll move right away."

“It’s too risky to move by trusting only the three of you.”

“Our watering team is one of the most powerful in the Red Case.”

The man did not hide his displeasure.

“Out of thousands of direct members of the organization, only ten can be in the watering team.

Will this be enough to answer”

Above it was a team of guards guarding the boss, but the man did not mention that fact.

In any case, it was an undisputed fact that their skills were said to be the best in the organization.

“Well, then that’s fine.

I can't tell you the exact time, but you'll have to adjust your beat when we start."

“All right.”

“Then, we'll be going now.”

“May I ask something before that, McDowell-ssi”

Issac got up from his seat looked at the man as if he could ask any questions he wanted.

“Why did you refuse to associate with the Thorns Cross Society It would have been easier if we had them.”

“Don’t even mention their names.

If you want me to be polite to you.”

Isaac frowned and muttered as if chewing on something unpleasant.

“Their thoughts, ideologies, beliefs…… All things are far worse than the nonsense of a third-rate thug.

Just the thought of those who truly believe in such things are walking around this land without a care in the world gives me goosebumps! Do you understand what I'm saying!”

Looking at the stimulated Isaac, the man raised his hands as if to say, calm down.

“I understand well, so please calm down…… .”

"No! Now that the word has come out, I'm going to take this opportunity to nail it!"

Issac lowered his head towards his man, threatened as if growling.

“Looks like you have opened your hands to them, too.

Well, I don't care about that, but it'd be best to give up the expectation that I'll move in consideration of your circumstances.

All the Crosses I see in front of me will see what color their intestines are on the spot."

“…… .”

“I hope each of us achieves what we want from each other.

Dmitry, let's go!”

With those words, Issac walked away, still unable to quench his emotion.

Dmitry turned his head slightly towards him and followed Isaac.

“That crazy sonuvabitch's mouth…… .”

He shook his head as if he was sick of it.

Either way, fanatics and psychopaths.

“I hope that condescending bastard does his job properly just as he used his mouth.”

He took a cigarette out of his pocket and put it into his mouth naturally.

None of the people around him minded when he lit a cigarette and exhaled the smoke right next to them.

It was an abnormal sight.

He flicked off the shortened cigarette butt with his finger and slowly walked on.

No matter how much he didn't like it, no matter how nauseating it would be to work with, he didn't need his own will.

All he needed was the boss's order, and that was enough.

It was time to do what he and his colleagues did best.

* * *

The streets inside the academy, which were usually quiet, were chaotic like a festival day.

Walking in the lead, she looked like an academy student to anyone who saw her.

A few people stared at her, but it was not because her appearance was awkward, but rather because she herself attracted people's attention with her picturesque blond hair and glamorous features.

"Come to think of it, I didn't even say my name."

She slowed her pace and stuck right next to me.

"I think you already know me, but that's that and this is this.

You're polite to me no matter what I look like, so I should be polite too, right And I hear that it's important to people in your country"

With those words, she turned her head and smiled slightly.

“Evangeline Lohengrin.

As you may know, I am leading the Guild Blue Sap.”

“I'm Yoo Ji-Hyuk.”

“Yes, I know well.”

Then she extended her finger and put it to her own ear.

After doing that for a while, she soon pouted her lips and spoke to me if to tell me to rejoice.

“Your friend won Congratulations.

The other person seemed formidable."

"That's fortunate."

“What, You don't look so happy”

“I was already expecting it.”


Evangeline looked curious, but I didn't want to explain.

Choi Hyun-Woo and Ahn Do-Hoon.

The two of them had been in a similar yet parallel position from the beginning.

Choi Hyun-woo is specialized in man-to-man combat and no matter what situation he is in, he can be seen as a pure unmanned man who can almost perfectly protect his body.

That was also the reason why he, along with Han Soo-Young, was treated as a pearl in the Clouds on the Horizon.

If he was nurtured according to the standard, no matter who his opponent was, his own strength alone was enough to bring victory.

However, Ahn Do-Hoon, on the other hand, is the type that specializes in large-scale warfare.

It could also be said that he was suitable for a commander.

There were many characters with the ability to help their allies.

With the protection of the World Tree, Lee Ye-Eun could change the battlefield to the advantage of her allies, and Cass Lyle was able to support his allies in various ways with his excellent alchemy.

Even in the case of Ivan Hunt, he was able to temporarily grant his allies the blessing of the spirit derived from the blessing of the Spirit King.

However, there was no one who specializes in large-scale warfare along with buffing his allies as much as Ahn Do-Hun.

It was because most of the skills and talents he could acquire in the first place were specialized in command.

‘Surely, the unique weapons he would acquire later were also a lance and flag.’

There was even a skill that even gave Ahn Do-Hoon a buff depending on the number, strength, and level of trust of the members under his command.

A commander who believes in his innate stamina and strength and leads his colleagues at the forefront.

That was Ahn Do-Hoon.

… Of course, the position of commander was quite ironic for Ahn Do-Hoon, who had the most broken personality and whose natural disposition was the farthest thing from a trusted leader.

All playable characters grow stronger as they grow.

It was no exception for anyone.

And the most important growth for Ahn Do-Hoon was none other than his mental growth.

“Why did you think so Can’t you just tell me a little bit”

I glanced at Evangeline, who persistently asked the question even when I continued to ignore her.

She, frankly, was no one else, a member of the Ten Strongest, would've known who would win as soon as she saw it.

I couldn't ignore her forever, so I answered as if I were throwing it.

“Ahn Do-Hoon is strong, too.

To be honest, even here in the academy, there are very few people who can beat him.”

“Yeah, it seems like it.

He's the type of person who would be difficult to deal with just by pushing recklessly.”

“But Choi Hyun-Woo is stronger.”

It wasn't empty words, it was the truth.

In the first place, he had stepped into the realm of Swordmaster, albeit momentarily, a few days ago.

That one word explained everything.

So, to put it simply, it can be considered that the current Choi Hyun-Woo has been nurtured to some extent, while Ahn Do-Hoon has just started being nurtured.

In many ways, Ahn Do-Hoon had no luck today.

“Well, we're here.”

How much longer would I have walked 

Evangeline proudly reached out her hand towards the eerie alleyway.

When I flinched for a moment, she naturally grabbed my collar and dragged me inside.

On the way, I seemed to hear some high-pitched voice.

I thought I was going to go deaf, and then I suddenly felt like my mind spinning.

Even though I closed my eyes, light was bursting out behind my eyelids like an explosion.

While I was losing my senses, Evangeline was holding me by the side as if supporting me.

“Come on, we're here.”

She tapped on my shoulder.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I felt dizzy.

And before I knew it, we were standing in a place I saw for the first time.

I've definitely had this experience before.

Yuzuki Horie.

Yeah, is Evangeline also able to move through space like her ability

“I’m different from Yuzuki, I’m a little inexperienced.”

Evangeline, who seemed to have pierced my thoughts, gave an unusually awkward expression.

At some point, she had returned to her original form.

“Come on, let’s go.

And you can be proud of it.”

Evangeline was still smirking.

“The guild master of our six guilds…… It’s a place where only those with unanimous consent from all of us can enter.”

Is that why Our guild kids have never come in either.

I was just skeptical when she added with a laugh.

‘Was there a place like this… '

It was a place that was never mentioned in the original story.

Could it be that one of the people whose unanimity was needed had died and they forgot about it

Evangeline opened the door and beckoned as if to go inside.

I walked in immediately.

“Welcome, student Yoo Ji-Hyuk.”

Lee Myung-Joon got up from his seat and smiled as if he was happy.

But I couldn't answer him.

Because I found a very unexpected person.

“It’s been a while, Ji-Hyuk.”

“Chief Jang… ”

Jang Deok-Pil.

The man who used to be the general of the archives, which was invaded by Esmeralda Lysnerger.

He was here.


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