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“You just have to prepare everything you can for that day.”


I nodded at Jin Ye-Seul's laughter-filled question.

I decided not to think about how terrible things would be in everything she said.

With that, we headed to Professor Grossman's classroom without talking.

Then, at the same time, both of us could hear the notification sound from our cell phones.

It was Professor Grossman's text.


Professor Grossman.

― I'm sorry for contacting you late.

I know this is sudden, but I decided to do some one-on-one training with student Lee Yu-Na today, so two students do not have to come to class today.

There are two classes left until the guild invitation.

Please understand that each of you will have a one-on-one class at that time.

Once again, I'm sorry for contacting you late and ask for your understanding.

m(_ _)m]

“Tell me a little earlier.”

After seeing the text message, Jin Ye-Seul turned away without any regrets.

I followed her and turned to walk.

‘Lee Yu-Na has finally exploded.’

The feud with Professor Grossman had been one of Lee Yu-Na's growth events.

Lee Yu-Na kept grinding and polishing weapons as she was told, but she couldn't stand it and visited Professor Grossman in the morning to protest, and Professor Grossman took her to the sparring room, saying she would convince her.

It was at this time that Professor Grossman's abilities were revealed for the first time, and her abilities were completely backward-compatible with Lee Yu-Na's.

And when Lee Yu-Na sparred with her, she noticed the fact that, unlike in the past, her embodied weapons had become more powerful and efficient.

Professor Grossman said to Lee Yu-Na, she grew up to have a deeper understanding of weapons, and that she had gone through the same training method herself.

Also, in the midst of that, Lee-Yu-Na becomes enlightened again and recognizes Professor Grossman........

To be honest, I don't know what polishing a weapon has to do with understanding weapons, but what's important is that Lee Yu-Na finally reaches her growth event.

It was quite good news that Lee Yu-Na was growing ahead of something big.

Because she was also one of the main characters with a good personality.

And it wasn't a bad thing at all, as it gave me an opportunity to ask Professor Grossman to formally teach me archery.

‘Come to think of it, all eight of them have to grow up properly.’

Choi Hyun-Woo and Han Soo-Young are growing smoothly, and Jin Ye-Seul will acquire and grow well on her own if I roughly throw a legacy.

In the case of Cass Lyle, Ivan Hunt, and Lee Ye-Eun, there is little room for others to intervene at this point.

Lee Yu-Na is just about to grow, and Ahn Do-Hoon is the only one left.

'Well, he'll do well on his own.'

He's the equivalent of Lee Ye-Eun, with a gold spoon and plenty of personal connections, so I don't have to worry about him.

While thinking that far, I glanced at Jin Ye-Seul.

It was because it didn't stand out much, but in terms of a gold spoon, Jin Ye-Seul was also a formidable gold spoon.

"Is your family coming"

"Absolutely not, they're not coming."

Jin Ye-Seul, who asserted, added as if it wasn't a big deal.

“My parents are ashamed of me.

I'm almost like a child they have given up, so I'm sure they'll go to my older sister or younger brother."

At that point, I could feel that I shouldn't have said that.

Her reply brought up memories that were not so good, and my appetite became bitter.

Looking at Jin Ye-Seul, who looked casual, I opened my mouth with a cheerful voice.

“Do you know the number that lifts everyone up” 


At my sudden question, Jin Ye-Seul tilted her head.

I smiled slightly and said.


Then, Jin Ye-Seul burst into laughter with a haha sound.

Gaining strange confidence in her reaction, I opened my mouth again.

“Then the place the five hate the most…… .”


Jin Ye-Seul was still looking at me with a smiling face.

She suddenly tapped the ground with a thump, and immediately a sharp blade popped out of her shoe.

It was bigger and sharper than last time, and it was full of sticky liquid.


She was still smiling brightly as she called my name once more.

I nodded and shut my mouth, and only then did she tap the ground again and put the blade inside.

“Then I will go first.

Call me whenever you need me.”

“Uh…… Okay, bye.”

Jin Ye-Seul went somewhere with those words, but I couldn't speak to her properly and just nodded.

I mumbled to myself as I watched her recede into the distance.

“Strange, I had fun…… .”

* * *

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to practice archery and headed to the archery club.

And there, I met a completely unexpected person.


“Oh, it's Ji-Hyuk.”

Ivan, who perhaps heard my small whisper put down his bow, looked at me and raised his hand as if pleased.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you shoot a real bow.”

“Well, it’s a bit misleading to say that magic bow is a bow.”

Ivan burst out laughing as he happily skipped over the words that could have made him feel bad if he heard it wrong.

Then he added, carefully touching the bow.

“I've been in a rut lately.

So, I'm here for a change of pace.

Because when I shoot a bow, I can concentrate without thinking about anything else."

I didn't say anything to Ivan's words.

Most of the playable characters were like that, but Ivan Hunt was a character who did not hesitate to hone and train himself.

As I was looking at him and feeling indescribable, and Ivan looked at me and asked.

“By the way Ji-Hyuk, are you here to do archery too”

“Uh, well……Yeah."

“Are you good at shooting”

I laughed at his question.

“If I were good at shooting, would I have picked up a dagger”

“Well…… .”

Ivan nodded his head as if he was, and then suddenly looked around.

And when he made sure that no one was near us, he took a step closer to me.

“Hey, this may be a bit of a strange and random question, but can I ask you It seems rude and I tried to hold it in, but I'm really curious."   [Note : '뜬금없이' - Out of the Blue.]



With such a serious personality, it was not normal for him to say something like this.

I nodded nervously.

He looked like he didn't understand at all.

“Why on earth does Ji-Hyuk smell like spirits”


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