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“Did you get hit by an ogre or something”


That was the first thing the doctor at the Academy said as soon as she saw my shirtless body.

She scattered light as if to scan my body, which had bruises everywhere, and then scribbled something.


“He must have written your body like a piece of paper.

I don’t know who he is, but he has a great sense of art.”


She kept throwing out silly jokes, as if she thought it was amusing.

As I pretended not to hear, she shrugged.


“Fortunately, nothing is broken or cracked.

But there is not a corner of your body that is not bruised, so it will hurt a lot when you sleep or move.”




“I’ll give you three days’ worth of medicine, so make sure you take it.

If it's not enough, you can buy some painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.”


The doctor, who was muttering like that, looked at me and asked me with a subtle gaze.


“By the way, you said you were a freshman, right”




"Wounds like this are usually caused by high-density magic or the aftermath of magic, how did it happen"





When I faltered, she shrugged again.

Then she continued to throw white light over my shoulders and arms and back for a while.


This is how healing magic feels.

This was the first time I actually received it.


"What did she say"


When I came out after treatment, Han Soo-Young, who was waiting for me, asked.

I answered, lifting the medicine bag.


“It's nothing serious.

It would just be a bit annoying, so she told me to take some painkillers.”


Even with my words, Han Soo-Young did not erase her suspicious look.


"It's true."


"Yeah… I guess so.”


Han Soo-Young let out a small sigh.

Then she told me as if she were treating a child.


"Why don't you go home and take some medicine and get some sleep today"


"I think that's going to be hard."


She looked at me as if there was something wrong with my words.

I answered as if it were nothing.


“Actually, I borrowed something from the alchemy club.

I said I would return it by today, so I have to return it.”


“Then I’ll return it for you.”


"It's very expensive, so it's a bit of a problem.

Wouldn't it be inconvenient for both of us if something goes wrong for no reason"


Han Soo-Young shut her mouth my continued refusal.

Then, a little later, she opened her mouth in a quiet voice.


“… Then can I go with you to take a look around I've always been a little interested in alchemy."


“Well, okay.”


I couldn't say anything more to the determined look of her.

I quickly went into the dorm room and put the things in my bag.


“… This isn't good.”



Recalling Han Soo-Young's attitude toward me, I muttered quietly.

To be honest, I had a rough idea of ​​what she was like that, but I wasn't sure.

No way, fixed favourability.

Is it because of that


“What do you think”


At my question, Mandragora, who was hugging the Spirit Stone like a pillow, turned his head to me.

The guy who had an insincere face at all times, looked at me for a moment and shook his head.

Then, he flicked and shook the roots as if beckoning me to go away.


“I'm an idiot for asking you.

I'll confiscate the spirit stone for two weeks.”


At my words, he shook his head wildly, but I pretended not to see him and walked out.


Han Soo-Young was waiting for me in front of the dormitory.

And as soon as she saw me with my bag out, she took it from me, almost as if she were snatching it away.

I didn't think it would be useful to argue with her, so I gave it up and walked in step with her.


It's not that heavy, so it should be okay.

With that in mind, I walked to the remote building with the alchemy club.


"I'm really sorry."




I glanced at Han Soo-Young, who was holding the bag with both hands as she walked, looking at the ground.


“No, you got hurt because of Hyun-Woo.

And I asked for it."


Han Soo-Young muttered like that and sighed.

While adding a small swear word to Choi Hyun-Woo.


“Oh, Why does it feel like I'm always in debt to you Starting from the first time we met…...



As she said this, Han Soo-Young glanced at my face.

I could tell she was looking at the scar that Esmeralda Lysnerger had made on my cheek.

I reflexively reached out and touched my cheek.




Come to think of it, I forgot.

If I had said it when I was with Lee Myung-Joon before, I could have erased it.

There were so many important things that, I forgot.


“… .”


And I could immediately realize that I had made a mistake.

Because of my actions, Han Soo-Young immediately stopped talking as if she were a sinner.


The two of us, in a delicate atmosphere, headed to the alchemy club without saying a word.

The relationship between her and me was so awkward that I could really feel the hard work of Choi Hyun-Woo, who had been struggling to mediate between us and lead the conversation.


If it were the original Han Soo-Young, she would have been bold and said everything that had to be said as she had a very straight personality that was different but similar to Choi Hyun-Woo.

However, perhaps it was because of the sense of debt she felt towards me from our first meeting, she only looked at me or was careful about my words and actions all the time.


To be honest, one of the most different characters from my memory was Han Soo-Young.

That is why I, too, had no choice but to be cautious and wary when dealing with her.


“We're here.”


As always, I pushed the open door of the club room and went inside.

And for the first time, I could see other students besides Cass Lyle.


"Huh It’s Ji-Hyuk and Han Soo-Young.”



As expected, you are a member here."


And among them was Lee Hyun-Seung, a member of the same team as me.

As usual, wearing oversized glasses over his nose, he greeted us briefly and then began to transcribe something from the thick book.


I was immediately handed over the bag from Han Soo-Young.

She followed me and looked around curiously.


“Oh, it’s you.”


Cass Lyle looked at me and pretended to know me as if he were happy to see me.

I bowed my head to him.


Perhaps because I had argued with the branch of the World Tree last time, I didn't feel the disgust or negative emotions when I saw him, but I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable for some reason.

Still, it wasn't enough to show on my face.


“It was really useful.

Thank you, Senior.”


As I handed over the device, Cass Lyle began to look at it with skillful hands.

Then he nodded and brought it back to where it originally was.


Fortunately, it didn't appear to have been damaged or broken.

I said I'm going to leave and bowed my head politely to him.

I didn't have to stay long when I felt uncomfortable with him.


“Oh, Ji-Hyuk.”




I paused at his call for me and looked at him.


"By the way, why did you need purification potion and that device”


There are three main uses of purification potions.


The first is to remove a curse placed on the body, mind, or object.

The second is to annihilate or weaken the undead, as I have done.

Finally, the third is when offering to the graves to commemorate or pay tribute to the souls of the dead, such as alcohol used in ancestral rites.


"Just… Well.

I had some use.”


Undeads are closely watched by the Association or the Guild, so they get annihilated even before hunters and heroes are called.

And in the end, I remembered it because it was a repeated quest that I would receive over and over again when playing as Cass Lyle.


In any case, no matter where it was used, it was an item that ordinary academy students would have no place to use.


‘It's something that doesn't harm humans at all, so it's probably easy to get away with this.’


And in the first place, Cass Lyle's personality itself was loose, except for certain parts.

In fact, when I glossed around as if I didn't want to talk, he just nodded a few times as he understood.


"Okay…  I'll see you later."


With those words, we came out of the alchemy club.

Han Soo-Young, who was following me, murmured as if asking me.



“Purification potion”





"Why did you need that”


Purification potion was one of the well-known potions.

As I mentioned before, it was one of the rare but widely used items in this world.

I answered Han Soo-Young as if it was nothing.



I had a use for it.”


Saying that, I quickly added.



Since we're here, let's stop by the reading club."




“Actually, I also have to show my face to the archery club once.

Are you okay”


I had never been to the archery club before, except for the time I went there to meet Lee Ye-Eun separately.


If I do something wrong, I might almost be expelled like the reading club.

Just as I was thinking this, Han Soo-Young, who immediately understood the situation, narrowed her eyes and looked at me.

And I turned my head away at the gaze that asked, ‘If that’s the case, why did you join three clubs’



let's go."


Han Soo-Young and I headed straight to the archery club.

Perhaps it was because it was one of the large clubs, as soon as we opened the door and walked in, we saw a lot of students shooting their bows and talking to each other.


There were only five or six people in the alchemy club earlier.

As I was thinking this, someone looked at me and pretended to know me.



You're the one I saw before.”




It was a girl with short hair I had seen before.

I couldn't remember who she was.

When I bowed my head and greeted her, she chuckled and burst into laughter.


“You don’t have to be so rigid! Are you here to see the manager” 


“Oh, it's nothing like that.”


“Oh, what's this I thought there was something between you and the manager.” 


Muttering disappointedly, she suddenly held out her hand to me.

As I abruptly grabbed her hand, she waved lightly and said with a smile.


“My name is Kang Keon-Kyung! You can call me whatever you are comfortable with, but in the club room, call me senior if you can.”


Then she added in a small voice.


“Actually, the manager is a bit strict about that.

There's no reason to be out of her eyes, right”


“Yeah, well.

I guess so.”


"By the way, what's your name That's weird, there's no way I wouldn't remember your face and name if you were from our club"


When the arrow of conversation suddenly directed to her, Han Soo-Young stuttered unexpectedly.


“Han, my name is Han Soo-Young.

I'm just here to look around."


“Oh, I see~”


She nodded her head and turned her body to make the way for us.


“You can look around as much as you want.

Oh, come to think of it, is this your second time here, Ji-Hyuk”




“Then you have to go to the manager for simple training … Well, strangely, you don't seem to have anything to do with the manager.

Don't worry too much though, the manager is still here! She's probably shooting her bow at the far end of the hall."


She was so energetic that I felt as if my energy was being sucked out of me just by watching her.

I nodded and headed to the place where Lee Ye-Eun was shooting the bow with Han Soo-Young.


Lee Ye-Eun was shooting her bow with a posture that looked like a painting.

Han Soo Yeon must have also felt the same way, as she let a small sound of exclamation beside me.


In the original world, I had never actually seen a bow.

Even if I saw it, it was only in dramas, movies, and games.

Come to think of it, this was the first time I had seen a real bow being shot in this world.

Ivan Hunt also uses a bow, but he uses a magic bow which is different from a normal bow in many ways.



First, I observed Lee Ye-Eun as closely as I could while waiting for her to shoot all the arrows, but I didn't get any results.

As expected, it seemed that I had to learn systematically.

If I ask Professor Grossman later, maybe she will teach me.


‘I don't have enough time to practice with the dagger alone.'


While I was thinking that, Lee Ye-Eun finally fired her last arrow.

She then looked straight at us, it was as if she knew we were here from the start.


When I bowed my head, she also bowed her head.

Then she looked at Han Soo-Young who was standing beside me and opened her mouth.


“My name is Lee Ye-Eun.

I am the manager of this club.

Who are you"


“My name is Han Soo-Young.

I'm Yoo Ji-Hyuk's friend from the same class and teammate.....

I just came to take a look around."


"I see."


Lee Ye-Eun nodded lightly.

She then gently held out the bow she was holding to Han Soo-Young and said.


"Then, would you like to try shooting it once"




“I don't think it will be too much of a burden for you since you are of similar build to me.

It's not even that strong of a bow."


"Uh… .”


Han Soo-Young suddenly looked at me.

As if asking for my opinion, but I didn't think much of it.


“Why don't you try shooting I don't think it will be a problem.”


“Sho, Should I”


Han Soo-Young asked me back in a rare excited voice, and took the bow from Lee Ye-Eun with both hands.


“Have you ever shot a bow”





“Then let me tell you.”


With those words, Lee Ye-Eun stood in front of the range with Han Soo-Young, touching her body and correcting her posture.


“First you have to look at the terrain, then the wind.

Most importantly, stepping is important.

Don't spread your toes too far, and don't close your toes.

It's like emptying your chest and filling your stomach… Yes, that's good.

When you draw the bow, think of it as if you were pushing a rock, and when you pull the cord, it's like pulling a feather carefully.… .”


According to Lee Ye-Eun's advice, Han Soo-young's arrow missed the target, but it flew anyway.

Lee Ye-Eun smiled at this and said.


“You did really well for your first time.

How many more shots would you like”


"Really Thank you."


Was Han Soo-Young interested in bows

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't remember.

Anyway, leaving the excited Han Soo-Young to shoot her arrows, Lee Ye-Eun approached me.


"It's been a while."



I was going to come earlier, but I was a little busy."


"It's about that time of year, so you don't have to worry about it."


Saying that, Lee Ye-Eun said to me.


“You said you've never shot an arrow before, right Junior So while I'm going to teach you the simple rules and what you need to know, I'll also teach you how to shoot a bow together.....




She frowned slightly at the sound of her cell phone vibrating and ringing.


“Excuse me for a moment.”


Then she took out her cell phone and checked it, and with a small sigh, she moved a little away from me and answered the phone.



I must have told you not to contact me this way.

Did you get shot in the head"


She seemed to think that I couldn't hear her, but unfortunately I could hear all her little whispers.

Although I couldn't hear anything over the phone.


"What What nonsense is that"


… But was Lee Ye-Eun's tone of voice originally that harsh

While I was thinking about it, I saw Lee Ye-Eun's face suddenly turning completely white.


Then her whole body shook as if she had a serious illness, and suddenly looked at me.

She approached me with trembling steps and muttered in a low voice.


“I, I’m sorry.

I, I have something urgent...





With those words, Lee Ye-Eun left as if she were running away.

In the sudden situation, I just stood there blankly and looked at her back.


“…What What's going on"



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