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The work of modern awakening people, called heroes or hunters, is divided into four main categories.


Saving lives and ensuring the safety of citizens.

Providing support in various disasters and calamities.

Suppressing criminals called villains.

Finally, exterminating monsters that threaten humanity.


However, in this class, we will not be learning about the previous four, but about dungeon exploration.

In fact, it was not too strange considering that what most guilds, heroes, and hunters do is explore dungeons and gates.


In addition, it was an important class in many ways, as the party organized this time will be applied to the various team-specific classes in the future.


When it was time for the afternoon class, the students gathered at the playground, the designated meeting place, and formed a line.

I don't know what it will be like in the future, but at least in the early classes, even from the first class in which the group composition was decided, no students seemed to be late or skipped. 


"Everyone, pay attention."


There was a brief buzzing among the students who had gathered in an orderly fashion.

When I took my head out and looked forward, none other than Lee Myung-Joon was standing on top of the podium.


‘The butterfly effect is surprisingly large.’


Originally, it was not Lee Myung-Joon, but another instructor, but I thought it was a relationship I would see him more often than I thought.

It was me that felt it a little strange, but apparently it wasn't for the other students.


“Crazy, Lee Myung-Joon.”


"Wow, it's my first time seeing him in person...



Lee Myung-Joon, who burst into laughter for a while when the commotion did not subside, clapped a couple of times to calm everyone down.


"It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Lee Myung-Joon, your instructor and training advisor, although it is temporary.”


The applause erupted again as he spoke.

After a while, when the sound subsided, Lee Myung-Joon, who cleared his throat, opened his mouth.


“As you all know, today's class is a time to select the party members who will be with you during your first year and simply work together.

And I think everyone here is well aware of how important this series of actions is, so I won't explain it separately."


Lee Myung-Joon stopped talking and looked around for a while.


“I would like to inform you in advance that the selection was made based on the data from the previous advisor selection class, and the selection was made randomly, taking into consideration the overall balance as well as the average.

Also, as long as there is nothing special, the party that will be selected now will last for one year, so please take this into consideration as well."


Lee Myung-Joon continued to speak without hesitation.


"Also, I hope everyone will realize the meaning of the reason for randomly selecting a team by excluding their own opinions."


With those words, Lee Myung-Joon pointed to a large electronic display with his hand.

To be honest, at this point I couldn't hide that I was a little bit nervous.


"Once the groups are decided, you will have time to introduce yourselves and exchange brief greetings.

Now, I'd like to draw your attention to the front."


As soon as he finished speaking, the names of the members began to appear on the electronic display along with Joe.

While I was waiting for my name to come out, I was able to check my name that appeared surprisingly quickly.


[Team 11 


Class A ― Yoo Ji-Hyuk

Class A ― Jin Ye-Seul

Class A ― Han Soo-Young

Class B ― Ivan Hunt

Class C ― Lee Hyun-Seung

Class C ― Kim Yoo-Hyun]


"Crazy, what is this"


I had no choice but to freak out as I saw the composed group.

Han Soo-Young and Ivan Hunt.

Both of them are playable characters, and characters who stand out despite their early days.

But the cause of my fright was something else.


‘Jin Ye-Seul… Why is she’


Jin Ye-Seul.

She doesn't know me, but I know her well.


That's because she was also one of the playable characters.


‘Somehow, I ended up meeting all of them…  .'


I didn't expect to meet her like this.

Knowing the situation, I could tell that our party was seriously overbalanced, but the gossip I heard around me was able to calm me down.


“Hey, they're screwed.”




Why did they get Jin Ye-Seul Nyeon" [Note:* Nyeon = Roughly equivalent to the English word "wench" or "bitch" ]


“Did they put her next to them because Ivan was 1st in the whole school They're so unlucky."


"Wow, that's terrible."


'Oh, that's right.'


Jin Ye-Seul.

She was a late bloomer, a heretic, and a failure in a prestigious family.


She would have been called that way all along in middle school.

It could be said that I was the only one who knew her true nature.


‘Well… .'


My appetite was bitter for no reason.

I first headed to the place where my team members were gathered.

Everyone was already there, except for me, and that's when I spotted unexpected faces.




“Oh, him on the first day!”


Looking at the two male students who looked happy to see me, I also looked happy.

They were the two people I had met on the day of the entrance ceremony.


"What Do you know them"


“Yeah, we met on the day of the entrance ceremony.”


“You have wide feet.”


Perhaps because I was the only one who she knew, Han Soo-Young naturally approached me and talked to me.

Looking at the group, it was me and Han Soo-young, Lee Hyun-Seung, Kim Yoo-Hyun, Ivan Hunt, and Jin Ye-Seul.

We were divided into four groups like this and looked at each other.


"Okay, then.

Let's introduce ourselves first."


One of the male students, who was so handsome that you would think that a CG had come to life, looked around and opened his mouth with a gentle smile.


“First of all, my name is Ivan Hunt.

I'm the only one from Class B.

My position is… I think I'm a sniper or a caster.

I'm a magic archer."


Then Han Soo-Young naturally took his word.


“Han Soo-Young.

Class A and a wizard.

So I guess I'm the caster."


“Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

I am also from Class A.

My weapon of choice is a dagger.”


As I said this, the hulking male student next to me opened his mouth.


"Oh… I'm Kim Yoo-Hyun and I'm from Class C.

As a vanguard, I can stand anywhere, and use a halberd as my main weapon.”


“Lee Hyun-sung.

Also from Class C and I'm learning alchemy.

I'll do my best to support you.”


When Lee Hyun-Seung finished speaking while fixing his glasses, there was a moment of silence.

Naturally, when the eyes of the five people turned to one side, the female student who was dressed somewhat dingy, faltered and wiggled her fingers in the air.


“Uh, so… Uh, I… That Jin Ye-Seul...

It's called...

It's Class A, but I'm a vanguard … .”


It was frustrating to hear this.

Still, I know her situation, so I understand it, but I wonder what others would be like.


“What weapon do you use”


At Ivan's question, Jin Ye-Seul flinched.


“One-handed sword and shield...… .”



Looks like we've got some positions sorted out, which is good.

If there was an overlap and a clash of opinions from the beginning, it would have been a problem...… .”


Ivan Hunt said so and looked around us in turn.


“Yoo Ji-hyuk as a scout, Kim Yoo-Hyun as main, Jin Ye-Seul as guard… The frontline goes like this.”


His voice was relaxed, but it had a resonance that somehow seemed to be conveyed well to the listener.

There was also a sense of persuasiveness in his words.


‘Is it because he’s getting the Spirit King's attention’


“I am the archer, Han Soo-young is the wizard, and Lee Hyun-Seung is the supporter.

I think this is probably the best, but do you have any other opinions”


“No objection.”


"Same here."


“M, me too… .”


Ivan naturally took on the role of the leader, but no one seemed to have any particular complaints.

It was because the weight given by the title of 'joint first place' was great.

Above all, Han Soo-young was not the type to like to come forward, and so was I.


But still, it would be better to make sure of something like this.

So I raised my hand.


"Let's decide on the leader first.

And I'm a little embarrassed to be the one who suggested it, but why don't you take charge of it"


"You mean me"


I told him to take the position without hesitation, but Ivan didn't seem to be reluctant.


At times like this, the person who does something like a leader is a fool.

Thinking so, I looked around.


“What do you guys think I think it would be better for Ivan to take charge of this as he's been leading naturally since earlier, and in many ways."


"I don't mind."


Han Soo-Young quickly spat out a few words in agreement with my opinion.

She also had a personality to be fed up with being a leader like me.


“Oh, I don't mind either..."


“Honestly, I think he'll do the best among us, and in leadership too.”


Kim Yoo-Hyun and Lee Hyun-Seung also nodded.

Only at the end, Jin Ye-Seul also nodded while hesitating.

Almost instantly, it was decided regardless of his intention, but Ivan looked rather relieved.


“Then let me take over.

Please take care of me."


We clapped our hands and looked at him.

Now that we had decided on the position and the leader of the group, it was time to decide how we were going to do it.


“We focus on the back row.”


This was the conclusion Ivan came to after we shared our brief armed status, grades, and rank at the time of the selection of our advisor.


To be honest, that's what I was thinking too.

Han Soo-Young and Ivan Hunt are in charge of casters and snipers, respectively.

There was no more luxurious camp than this.


“I hope you don't feel bad, but the front row is probably weaker than the back row.”


Ivan shook his hand with an awkward smile.

I waved as if I didn't care.


“Yoo Ji Hyuk's top priority is to attract the opponent's attention as the spearhead, and Jin Ye-Seul's is to protect the back row.

And Kim Yoo-Hyun, use your halberd's long reach to stand in the middle and give proper support to both."




"I and Han Soo-Young are in charge of snipers and casters, respectively.

Han Soo-young will overpower and distract the majority of the enemy at once, and I will take their breath away.

Lee Hyun-Seung, please make it your top priority to make sure the spearhead doesn't collapse."


“That's appropriate.”


Han Soo-Young nodded.

It's not always easy to follow a plan in a real battle, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to make the most basic plans.


“I think we'd better get ready.”


As we were talking to each other, it was almost time for us to enter.


Orhe Academy's model dungeon boasts a size that can accommodate up to 1,000 people at the same time without any problems due to its setting.

It meant fifty groups, that is, a total of three hundred people, would be enough to fit in.


“The terrain of the dungeon is important.”


"What would you like to see come out"


“Honestly, I can’t give an answer because I’ve never worked together before.

However, since the back row is the main focus, it would be nice to have a place where the back row is not restricted.”


We began discussing with each other to lightly unwind.

I instinctively looked at Jin Ye-Seul, and indeed, she was in a state of being unable to melt in among us.

And seeing her like that, I felt goosebumps from the bottom of my heart.


‘It's hard to believe, she's one of the best psychopaths in the world.’


It was not enough, she was also a person who had hidden her abilities from her childhood until now.

One day, most of the children who ridiculed and laughed at her will tremble for fear of being harmed.

While I was looking at her with that thought, my eyes met Jin Ye-Seul's.




I took a step closer to her without expressing anything.

Then, with a terrified look, Jin Ye-Seul backed away from me as much as I approached her.

Not forgetting that she was acting, I spoke to her lightly.


“Don't be too nervous.

Since it's the first class, it shouldn't be that hard.”


“Uh, yes…… .”


“I’m not proud of it, but I got an E overall.

What about you"


“Ah, me too…… .”


“Both of us are stragglers.”


I smiled excessively and burst into laughter.


“Don't you think that the others behind us are good So you and I will just have to hold on.”




“Let’s work hard with the same stragglers.”


“… Yes."


Jin Ye-Seul nodded with a look as if she was still wary of me.

Han Soo-Young, who saw me like that, snorted and said.


“Did you openly said, you’re going to take the bus now”


“Well, I’ll try my best to do my part.”


“Thanks a lot.”


Han Soo-Young answered that with a smile.


“Team 10! Team 11 get ready! Don't forget, the goal is simply to pass the dungeon, not to subjugate or explore!”


At Lee Myung-Joon's shout, we made our way to the entrance of the dungeon.

I fiddled with the hilt of the dagger, thinking about what would happen inside.


"Come on!"


At Lee Myung-Joon's shout, the group with me at the forefront stepped straight into the dungeon.



I hope there's nothing annoying.

I moved my body thinking that way.


“…… .”


“…… .”


And the Henir's Shadow and the branch of the World Tree were instinctively telling me that at least two eyes were sticking to our backs.


I just quietly concluded that it would be difficult for my little wish to come true.



Jin Ye-Seul illustration.......


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