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Of the two, Choi Hyun-Woo was the first to open his mouth.


“… You're not of this world, what do you mean"


Contrary to my expectations, he was surprisingly calm.

I replied to him with a small sigh.




“Literally… .”


Facing me with an unshakable gaze, he asked me quietly.

Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎


“Three assumptions are coming to my mind right now… can I say them”


I nodded.

Choi Hyun-Woo slowly spread his fingers and opened his mouth.


“First, when we met the other us in Margo’s dungeon… At that time, Ji-Hyuk, who we know, was replaced by Yoo Ji-Hyuk of another world."




“You are a person who originally died in the future, or in the past, but is with us now."


Lastly, the third.


“You're literally from another world, not this world.”


“… It's the last one.

This world is not the world I originally lived in."


At my words, Choi Hyun-Woo quietly nodded his head.

Han Soo-Young was still looking at me in silence.

I couldn't tell what her dark red eyes were thinking.


“To continue what I was saying, I don’t know why I fell into this world.

I literally fell asleep and woke up to find the world had changed.”


“Then how did you know this was a different world”


I immediately answered Choi Hyun-Woo's question.


“I knew when I saw Aegis.

Because in the world I originally lived in, there was no such thing as a piece of land floating in the air.”


“…… .”


He nodded.


“When I first woke up, I was very confused.

There was no one I knew, the world had changed and...


Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎

I took a small breath and continued speaking.


“The world I originally live in was a world where magic, hunters, heroes, and monsters didn’t exist.”


“… really"




Choi Hyun-Woo muttered as if he couldn't believe it.


"There's a world like that...”


“It’s hard to believe, but anyway, there is.”


I gave a small sigh and muttered.


“And in the world I originally lived in, I was just a factory worker.

I've never held a sword or a bow or anything like that before."


"Wait, you've never held a weapon before"


I nodded, and Choi Hyun-woo looked at me with eyes full of doubts.


“But how… is that possible”

Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎

He didn't think I was lying.

He was simply expressing his doubts.


“No, aside from the ability to simply handle weapons.

Ji-Hyuk, it's hard to believe that you're someone who knew absolutely nothing about what you've shown us so far.

Could it be...

that there's something to it"


"That… .”


I had no choice but to hesitate at his question.

The fact that I came from another world and the fact that this world is actually a world in a game.

The weight of these two was completely different.


‘… No.'


I couldn't even bring myself to tell him that.

It was when I was about to open my mouth to cover up somehow.


['s hidden restrictions are revealed.]


[Your becomes .]


[The above record will be deleted.]


“… As I fell into this world, I was able to get a rough idea of what it was like to be in this world.

Maybe that's why."


Choi Hyun-Woo nodded quietly.

Something passed by my eyes, but right now, talking to these two was more important than anything else.


"Can I ask you just one thing"


Han Soo-Young, who had been silent until now, quietly opened her mouth.

I nodded silently and looked at her as if saying, ask anything.


“You want to go back, don't you To the world you originally lived in.”


“…… .”


But, despite my previous resolve, I couldn't answer.

And that alone seemed to be enough of an answer for her.


“Is the way back related to the Seven Evils, by any chance”


“… yes."


“I see.” 


Han Soo-Young closed her eyes for a moment as if to organize her thoughts.

She looked at me with eyes that said nothing about what she was thinking, just like when we first met.


“Then that must have been why you didn't want to get any closer to us than you had to at first Because you come from another world"



Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎

"Because you have to go back one day That's why you didn't want to get attached for nothing"


“… yes."


“Why You thought it would hurt us”


Han Soo-Young slowly crossed her arms as if she had enough.

Then, with a look that said she really didn't like it, she muttered quietly.


“You, I’m really angry at you right now, you know”


Saying so, she exhaled quietly.


“I'll tell you this first.

Hyun-Woo and I unconditionally trust what you say.

You said you're from another world, we really believe it.”


… It sounds really unbelievable, but still, we believe it.

Choi Hyun-Woo, who was sitting next to me, nodded and agreed with her.


“Because you would never lie about something like this.

Because we believe in the times we've spent with you.

We know very well that you wouldn't make a fool of us by lying about something like this.

We'll always believe you."




"The reason I'm really angry is that you probably would have kept this secret buried in your heart until the end if someone hadn't found out about it."


She looked at me quietly.


“Lee Ye-Eun, do you know what that person said to me when I saw her that day She said to me, do you know how big a secret Ji-Hyuk is keeping to himself Can you trust and support that child despite knowing that I wonder if I'm just putting a burden on you on a topic you know nothing about."


Han Soo-Young clicked her tongue slightly.

Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎

“At first, I thought she was saying that because you're of the same blood, but… .”


She shook her head, muttering as if she were wrongly accused.


“…the whole thing about you being a distant descendant of the World Tree is a lie, right"




I nodded and opened my mouth quietly.


“The one we fought that day was a Seven Evil like Margo.

He had the power to penetrate a person's mind and control their memories.

Senior and I fought with him.”


“So in the process that person saw your memories.”




“… and you told that person the truth because you couldn't hide it anymore in that situation.

That person knew everything and even announced that you were her blood relative to help you.

Am I right”


I nodded.

Han Soo-Young hesitated for a moment, then asked in a cautious voice.


“Then, what the… Can you tell me when you came to this world”


“About a month before I met you guys.

Maybe that's when."




Han Soo-Young let out a sigh of relief as if it were truly fortunate.


“Then maybe the Red case or Thorns Cross Society… You didn't have anything intertwined with those guys, right I mean, after I came to the academy.”


“There was nothing particularly big.

It was just that I got caught up in when they attacked."


"I see… .”


Suddenly, Han Soo-Young lowered her head and covered her face with both hands.

Then she began to mumble, 'Thank God, really thank God...'


After a while, she muttered in a wet voice, wiping the corners of her slightly reddened eyes.


“Anyway, I can’t forgive you.”


She asked, looking at me with a look that seemed to burst into tears again at any moment.


“Did you really think we would cut ties with you that much”


“No, I just… Since I was hiding something from you...



“Everyone has secrets!”


Saying so, Han Soo-Young hit the table roughly with her palm.

Then she jumped up from her seat and shouted to me.


“Shall we start with me I actually almost fell down once while staring at your back in the mock dungeon class once!”




What the hell are you talking about

It was when my eyes met Han Soo-Young, who was staring at me with her face dyed red.


“I have a few similar ones.”


Choi Hyun-Woo slightly raised his hand.


“Actually, I really like Manhwas.

So I've secretly imitated some of the cool techniques and names from Manhwas."

Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎


Soo-Young and Master probably don't know either.

He added with a smile.


“I once wrote a romance novel with me as the main character.

I still have it.”


"I haven't told you guys either, but I've sneaked out of the academy a few times.

And each time, I came back after eating food like crazy at the convenience store."


The two continued to divulge their secrets.

Some of them were quite embarrassing, but the two did not seem to hesitate at all.

Han Soo-Young, who had been telling her secrets for a long time as if confessing, suddenly looked at me.


“Of course, these must be insignificant secrets that cannot even be compared with the worries and secrets you would have had.

But it's just, I mean...



“What Soo-Young wants to say is that if the relationship could be shaken by the extent that you have one secret, it would have been shaken a long time ago."


Choi Hyun-woo looked at me as he took in Han Soo-Young's words.

With a strangely refreshed expression on his face, he quietly said to me.


"Don't you think that if it was such a shaky relationship, we wouldn't have come to your rescue when you got caught up in Margo's dungeon in the first place"


"That's right.

Hyun-Woo, you said it well."


Han Soo-Young nodded.

Then suddenly she reached out, grabbed me, and started forcing me up.

Facing me, she spoke in a clear voice, as if saying, don't forget.


“Now do you understand You've been worrying like an idiot for no reason until now."


“…… .”


“We will never leave you.

We'll always be your friend, and we'll cherish you and be with you.”


She clasped my hand tightly.

Next to me, Choi Hyun-Woo put his hand on my shoulder.

I just stared at the two of them.


“And now that the words have come out, I will tell you.”


Han Soo-Young stood up on her tiptoes as she said so.

She then hit my arm with her fist and grumbled.


“Oh, you're really clueless! In times like these, you have to bow down quickly!”


I hurriedly bowed down a little as she told me to, and her face came right next to my ear.

Standing on tiptoe, she quietly whispered into my ear.


“I'm not going to give up on you just because you come from another world."


So don't even think about making excuses for that.

Her voice rang low.


“And you are with us now.”

Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎


You're not alone.

So don't push yourself too hard.


I closed my eyes at her words.

It was because they were shining so bright that I couldn't even look at them.

It was a light that I couldn't have.


* * *


“… so that’s what happened.”


I came back to the dormitory and finished talking to Mandragora in the tank.

When I finished, the guy started clapping fiercely in the tank.


“And somehow, since I had a lot of trouble today, I've even received consideration to go ahead and get some rest.”


“…… .”


Mandragora nodded as if saying, that makes sense.

Staring at him for a moment, I lifted up the gift that Choi Hyun-Woo and Han Soo-Young had given me.


“Rather, do you know what this is”


“…… !”


Seeing it, Mandragora made a gesture of surprise.

The gift was nothing other than a fish.

It was my first time seeing it, but it seemed to be quite a famous breed in the world.


The two of them said that the fish is a pronoun of trust and friendship in this world

That it is so popular that it appears in old stories for children and is also popular for ornamental purposes.


And that it is mixed with the blood of the monster, and befitting the tale of the spirit fragments, it has a strong body and also emanates a unique wavelength that stabilizes the body and mind of the viewer.

The two of them found this on our way back, said that it was a gift for me, collected money, bought it on the spot, and gave it to me.

I couldn't refuse the favor, so I had to accept it.


“I’m sorry I brought you your new roommate without telling you, but you must be very lonely on your own."


“…… .”


Mandragora nodded slightly at my words.

As he was very interested in the spirit stone, he seemed to be quite interested in this fish that exudes the energy of the spirit.

Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎

“Here, new friend.

Get along well.”


I carefully released the palm-sized fish into the tank.

Mandragora looked at the fish swimming in the large tank as if it were just amazing.




I almost forgot, so I tapped the tank with a small shake of my head.

Mandragora looked at me, and I coughed a little and looked at him.


"Come to think of it, the date for giving you your name was until today, right"




“I have a name in mind, but… .”


He wiggled his roots as if to say tell me right away.

Hoping he would like it, I quietly spit out the name I had thought.




“…… .”


“How about Laune”


He stared blankly at me.

Then he dawdled, half-revealed himself in the tank, and stuck out a root.


It was a sign that he liked it.

I smiled and grabbed his root.


"I look forward to your continued support, Laune.”



Re​‎ad‎‎ ‎‎​t‎h​i‎s‎‎ o​n​‎ t​‎‎h​‎e ‎‎​ori‎gi​na‎l‎‎ we‎​b‎​‎si‎‎t​e‎ ​‎h​‎‎t‎tp​s‎:‎‎​/‎​/​‎‎si​n‎​gle‎​‎transl‎ations.‎blo‎g‎‎​spo‎t.c​o‎‎m‎‎​/‎​‎

He moved the root vigorously, as if to say, don't worry.

I couldn't help but smile again at that sight.


I'm glad I came to this world.

For the first time on the other side of my mind, I was thinking that way without realizing it.



[Note: Question, should I change Laune to Raune It's actually Raune from Alraune, but fyi R and L are pronounced the same in Korean and I kinda like Laune.]


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