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“Sa, save me…… Please save me...… .”


In that brief moment, Margo's one eye was restored and he could look around.

Grasping that he had nowhere to escape, he gave a servile smile and said as if pleading to Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who had just woken up.


“I, I don't know what you want, but I can help! That...… You know, if you're a stranger, I can't lie to you!"


Saying so, Margo blinked the other eyes with the hole in them.


“The Red Case is mine! And the Guards are still intact, and there are many members left! Yeah…… I'm confident that I can eat any group if I have some time! If I can help you, it would definitely be a big help to you...





Yoo Ji-Hyuk nodded honestly, holding Nidhogg's fang in one hand.


“If I let you live, I'm sure you'll be useful."


“Rig, right! that's right! I can be of use to you! Y, you said you want to kill the Seven Evils, didn't you We're the only ones who'll applaud each other even if we die anyway, so I'll be next to you...



“But no matter how much I think about it, I think a dead you would be more useful than a living you."


With those words, Yoo Ji-Hyuk began to walk towards him.

In desperation, Margo tried to escape, struggling all over.


“This, this f*ck… ! Arimaan...



He muttered like that, suddenly screaming at Yoo Ji-Hyuk as he spat out blood.


“This f*cking b*stard… ! Who dare kill me, you You, me! You bug, do you know who you dare to kill!"


“…… .”


"All right, kill me! You b*stard, you filthy b*stard, you will wander around the world without getting what you want for the rest of your life!"


While saying so, Margo suddenly turned his head toward Han Soo-Young and giggled.


“And you, b*tch.

You will end up destroying the very thing you are trying to protect with your own hands...!"


With a stabbing sound, Nidhogg's fang dug into his open mouth.


“Kkeo, geuheuk… !”


Instinctively, Margo realized that the wound he had just received was fundamentally different from those he had suffered.


It won't heal even if it takes a lifetime.

No, this is...… .


“Uugggh… !”


I'm dying.

I, I, like this...

When his thoughts crazily got to that point, his eyes turned red with blood.

The only thing that remained in his eyes was anger.


Then, at the very least, I'll put a curse on that girl...


As he opened his mouth with that thought in mind, Yoo Ji-Hyuk quickly kicked Nidhogg's fang and drove it deeper.




The tip of the blade plunged back through his tongue and throat.

He made a growling sound and shook his body as it was.

And his body began to turn into insects and flames.


He immediately opened his mouth wide as if to scream, and black smoke and insects poured out of his body like a storm.


Han Soo- Young quickly ignited a flame and spread it out like a curtain.

Yoo Ji-Hyuk was standing in front of her, looking at the notification window frantically floating in front of him.


[Quest 'The First Evil' has been completed!]


[One of the Seven Evils has been killed!]


[The other Seven Evils realize that one of their own has been killed!]


[The sin of the slain Seven Evil Sect will be borne by the one who killed him…… .]


[The penalty for killing the Seven Evils is an increase of 100 karma points.]


[The penalty for killing the Seven Evils is nullified by the hidden characteristic ‘Stranger’.]


[A fragment of Margo's energy leaves a trace deep within your body and part of your soul.]


[The source of Margo seeps into the ‘Old Ancient Pendant’!]




In the midst of this, Yoo Ji-Hyuk frowned as if something was wrong.

He seemed to be agonizing for a while, but soon nodded as if he understood.

And Han Soo-Young was watching him all from the side.


Eventually, in the place where Margo was, only Nidhogg's fang, which had somehow become darker, was lying.


It was when Yoo Ji-Hyuk silently walked over to retrieve it.

Han Soo-Young grabbed his collar.




"Huh Why"


“The book where Necromancy is recorded, You have that, right, Ji-Hyuk”


He paused for a moment at Han Soo-Young's question, and then quickly nodded.

Giving him a look that said, I knew you would, she held out her hand to him.


"Can you give it to me I mean, you aren't lending it to me, but totally giving it to me."


“… Why”


"Just that."


Yoo Ji-Hyuk hesitated for a moment and then pulled out a book from the shadows.

He then handed it to Han Soo-Young, who carefully took it with both her hands.


“This is it…… .”


After stroking it for a moment, Han Soo-Young grabbed it with both her hands.

And immediately flames burst from her hands and the book in her hands started to burn.


“I'll never.”


Han Soo-Young muttered as she looked at the forbidden book that burned and disappeared in an instant.


“I'll never let that future come.”


Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who was watching Han Soo-Young do this, had a complicated expression on his face.

After pondering for a long time as to what to answer, he just nodded and accepted.



It should be like this.”


Then he checked to see if there were any wounds on her hands, and said.


“Let’s go back.”




The two could soon feel Choi Hyun-Woo and Jin Ye-Seul approaching.

As they were walking to join them, Han Soo-Young let out a small ah, and asked him.


“Ji-Hyuk, did say you were good at cooking”


"Huh Well, I know how to make it edible.”


“Then can you cook for us later"


"It's not that I can't, but…… .”


When he asked, what do you want me to cook, Han Soo-young smiled a little.


“Spicy fish soup.”


Enough food for three more people besides us.

she muttered quietly.


* * *


The four of us, me, Han Soo-Young, Choi Hyun-Woo, and Jin Ye-Seul, were suspended for two days for going out of the academy without permission.


Originally, we would not have received such a heavy punishment, but it seemed that we were punished heavily for going outside when Margo's incident broke out.

On top of that, during the suspension period, I had to stay inside the dormitory during class time, under the strict order to stay inside.


It was a good thing for me, who still felt a sense of incongruity in my left arm.


“Hmm…… .”


As I lay on the bed, I lifted the pendant.

Neither the explanation nor the energy felt has changed.

I only knew that this was related to the Seven Evils in the sequel.


But I didn't know it would be related to the eerie word, the source of Margo.


However, when I thought about it, I could understand to some extent why the Thorns Cross Society and Big Watch covet it.

Both the head of the Thorns Cross Society and the leader of the Big Watch had a connection with the Seven Evils, and they even coveted their power.


“Eu, ahh…… .”


As I put the pendant back into the shadows, I felt a tingling sensation in my left arm, and I rolled over without realizing it.

Then I felt something squeezing and pressing down on my left arm a few more times.

It was none other than Mandragora.


“…… ”


The guy who was stomping on my left arm with his roots as if giving a massage, looked at me as I rolled over, as if there was something inconvenient about it.


“Oh, no.

It's so cool.

Thank you."


“…… !”


Hearing my words, the guy seemed to have a somewhat pleased expression on his face.

Still, though, his expressionlessly closed mouth area only got a little longer.


Then, as if to tell me to trust only him, he began to tap his chest with his roots and began to stomp my left arm again.


For some reason, he started to be very friendly to me from the day I killed Margo.

Even now, as soon as he knew that my left arm was uncomfortable, he got out of the tank, climbed up, and stomped on it as if he was giving me a massage.


He still had water on his body, so it made my clothes wet and uncomfortable, and it just tickled rather than cooling me, but I just thanked him.


I still remembered how he acted and looked at me with anger, as if saying, did you see me as such a snobbish plant, when I told him yesterday that I had nothing to give him, so he could just go and play.


“Hoo…… .”


I entrusted my left arm to him and slowly organized my thoughts.


Lydia had disappeared with Esmeralda Lysnerger since that day.

Choi Hyun-Woo and Jin Ye-Seul told me that she disappeared after confirming that I had killed Margo.


She left me with only one note and disappeared.

I opened her note again, which had been tattered after reading it several times.


To Yoo Ji-Hyuk.


First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you.

With your help, I was able to achieve my long-cherished goal.


However, even if Margot is dead, the Red Case is still alive.

In particular, the biggest threat is that the Guards are intact.

Their power can never be overlooked.

If they find out that you have killed Margo, those fanatics will certainly threaten you, so with that in mind, it seems only right to get rid of them.


Therefore, I intend to return and take them down from within.

The purpose of the plan was reached early on, but there is no guarantee that a second Margo will not appear if left alone.

In addition, using the duplicate of the pendant you handed me, I will also bring in the Thorns Cross Society and the Big Watch to make them struggle with each other.

Please understand that detailed information cannot be attached.


And I would like to say again, but I really appreciate your help.

Once again, I would like to express my infinite gratitude.

I hope that you are in good health and that I can deliver good news.


I will end here.

Yours Sincerely.


It seems that her attitude has changed a lot, but I thought it was because it was just a letter, so I tore up the note and threw it in the trash can.


Then, as I lay there looking at the ceiling, I muttered without realizing it.


“Now one.”


If the original plan had been followed, I should have killed the dragon, that is, Minerva, not Margo.

I didn't feel like I was defeated after meeting him quite abruptly, but I thought it was a blessing in disguise because Margo was certainly a troublesome person to deal with as he worked in the shadows, compared to the strength he had.


I was just a little bewildered because it was something that could never have happened in the original.

It was only possible to kill Margo in the second half.

More than anything, I couldn't even understand why on earth he had suddenly decided to attack me and Lydia.


“…… .”


Considering his personality, he would have rather attacked by mobilizing the Guards, not by himself.

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't figure out why the guy, who puts his own self-preservation first, would do something that didn't suit him.

It bothered me a little.

But…… .


“Well, there's no point in worrying about it.



In response to my question, Mandragora nodded and moved his legs as if dancing.

And it was just as I had told him.


Whatever he was thinking, he was already dead.

And that was the only thing that mattered to me.


“…… !”


"Okay, okay."


While I was lost in thought for a long time, he tapped me and shook his arm in a way that told me to lie on my belly. 

As I turned over as he led me, he came up to my shoulder this time and started stomping on it.


Then I got a phone call.

I looked to see who it was, but the call came from someone I didn't expect at all.


Senior Lee Ye-Eun.

Confirming that, I answered the phone right away.


“Yes, hello”


― Oh, uh.



“… Hello"


Surprised by the unexpected voice, I asked and heard a noisy voice from the other end of the phone.

It's because of you! I'm not going to let you get away, you'll see...… Well, these words came out one after another, and soon I heard a voice clearing its throat loudly.


― Yes, this is Lee Ye-Eun.



What did you call for, Senior”


Although she and I had known each other for a long time, we still called each other respectfully as seniors and juniors.

Unlike Cass Lyle, I somehow found her a bit burdensome.


― Oh, that.

I'm sorry.


Lee Ye-Eun apologized to me with a simple attitude.


― I was writing a message about something related to the club when I accidentally hit the call button.


“Oh, I see.”


― Yes.

Were you busy



I wasn't busy.”


I added in a voice as if it wasn't a big deal.


“I have been only in the dormitory, since I'm suspended anyway."


— … yes


Lee Ye-Eun asked me back with a trembling voice.


— I'm sorry.

The connection is a bit...… so, I must have heard wrong.

I, I heard you're suspended...… I heard it wrong, right


"No, you heard it right.


I did something a little wrong, and as a punishment...… .”


— Ahhh… !


“… Senior"


A thud came from the other end of the phone.

Immediately, a noisy voice came out, and someone answered the phone instead.


— Oh, Ji-Hyuk It's me, Yong-kyung.

Kang Yong-kyung.


“Oh, yes.



— … .What on earth have you said to Ye-Eun




Ye-Eun is now sitting down and grabbing her head.

She said it as if she was perplexed, and I was also perplexed by her words.


In the end, I had no choice but to promise that I would stop by the club room as soon as I leave the dormitory.


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