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The fortunate thing was that the undead made in that way could not use their abilities from when they were alive.


He could tell just by looking at the case of other Yoo Ji-Hyuk he had been dealing with earlier.

Wasn't he unable to use the branches of the World Tree, Henir's shadow, or any of his abilities

He just pushed his way through with a physical assault.


But even if that was the case, Yoo Ji-Hyuk thought that the result wouldn't change much.

Those who were among the ten strongest were extremely threatening, even if one simply looked at their physical abilities.

Not to mention, there are six such beings.


There's no way I can win.


Even though Yoo Ji-Hyuk thought so implicitly, he did not back down, facing the undead rushing at him.

Even he himself was surprised.

Behind him was Han Soo-Young.


“…… .”


First, I have to reduce their numbers.

With that in mind, Yoo Ji-Hyuk naturally decided to target the three in the back row first, instead of the vanguard.


Henir's shadow still needed time to recover, so he rushed forward, pulling out the branches of the World Tree.

And when Ahn Joo-Hyuk, who was nothing more than a healer, approached him first, he could vaguely sense that something was wrong.




Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who was hit by his straight punch as he took a step, was literally flying in the air.


Momentarily unconscious, Yoo Ji-Hyuk was able to recall in his memory that he was a relative of Ahn Do-Hoon and the only strong man he respected aside from his grandfather and father.


Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who stretched out the branches of the World Tree and hold his body that was flying in the air, somehow managed to adjust his posture.

But then, he saw a man with a dragon tattoo on his face jump up and run, and he immediately raised his dagger.


Li Wei, a man whose core of battle was to turn into a black dragon and fight, attacked with a human body, not a dragon.

He spread out his hands as if a wild beast were scratching, and swung them dynamically without a break.


Every time he swung his hands, his blade-proof battle suit was instantly ripped and destroyed like rags.

Not a drop of blood was spilled from his hand as he grabbed the blade of the dagger with his bare hands.

He tried to push him away with the branches of the World Tree in a hurry, but he avoided the whole thing with rather odd movements and instead gripped it tightly.


Immediately he pulled it and swung it with all his might, and once again his body sprang up into the air.

Unable to do anything about it, Yoo Ji-Hyuk was thrown to the ground and his breath came out of his open mouth.


I have to keep moving.

As Yoo Ji-Hyuk was thinking that and was about to get away, someone grabbed his body and climbed on top.

Silver hair and pure white armor.

It was the paladin.


She climbed onto Yoo Ji-Hyuk's body and pressed down on his shoulders with both knees.

She then immediately grabbed his neck with both hands.


“Keueuk…… .”


He tried to shake her off, but she was holding him down so tightly, and above all, her armor was too heavy.

After that, Yoo Ji-Hyuk could feel a firm grip on each of his limbs.


Even if it's Jin Ye-Seul or Choi Hyun-Woo...… No, he didn't think anyone could ever get out of this state on his own.

He tried to escape into the shadows, but he still needed time to recover.

He didn't have enough mana to pull out the branches of the World Tree.


As he struggled to get out somehow, he saw a shadow over him.

Lee Myung-Joon.

He was holding a trident and looking down at him with an expression characteristic of the undead.


"Oh…… Sh*t...… .”


Immediately he raised his trident towards his right arm.

Despite the fact that Yoo Ji Hyuk's internal organs were damaged and he could smell blood in his mouth, he managed to squeeze out the mana and pull out the branches of the World Tree.


But he immediately felt a pain as if his skin was being ripped apart.

It wasn't that difficult to notice that Evangeline, who was holding his right arm, had ripped his skin off.


“… F*ck.”


No way, not like this.

It was when he was clenching his teeth and staring at the shiny trident.


“…… !”


In an instant, Lee Myung-Joon's body twisted and flew away as if struck by something huge.

Immediately after that, the paladin who was on his body, and other undead, who was pressing his limbs were thrown away as well.


Yoo Ji-Hyuk who immediately got up, could see Han Soo-Young walking towards him with scorching eyes.

She was wearing the jacket that Yoo Ji-Hyuk had covered her with and holding it with one hand, while the other hand was casting a strange spell.


“If you touch my man anymore.”


Han Soo-Young exhaled roughly.

Then she growled towards the six undead and her future self who was looking at her from afar.


“I'll kill you all.”


Before the words could be finished, Lee Myung-Joon's body, which had been struggling on the ground, exploded.

Seeing this, Yoo Ji-Hyuk quickly planted the seeds of the World Tree and retreated to Han Soo-Young.


“You, what the hell are you doing instead of running away”




Han Soo-young looked at him as if saying, what nonsense are you talking about now

Yoo Ji-Hyuk also looked straight at her as if he had something to say, and said.


“To be blunt, I am not going to die.

But you might really die.

Of course, I'm grateful that you saved me, but...… .”


As he muttered, he nodded as if he had a good idea.


“You should run away now.

And when you meet Hyun-Woo, there is definitely a way for everyone to survive...… .”


“Yes, you're right.

Very much so."


Han Soo-Young responded coldly.


"Then I'll believe you and run away, and when I arrive later, I'll see you with all your limbs cut off because of me, and I'll just live with the guilt for the rest of my life, right"


“… No way.

Who in the world."


“Hey, Yoo Ji-Hyuk.”


As he muttered as if to say, what are you talking about, Han Soo-Young asserted to him.


"You, I've told you many times.

Don't I know you And don't you really know me either”


Do you really think I'm going to leave you here and run away

After saying that, Han Soo-Young looked forward as if she didn't have anything more to say.


Yoo Ji-Hyuk closed his eyes slightly and clenched his teeth.

Except for Lee Myung-Joon, the regeneration of the Undead was almost finished.


"I'm not so weak that I need you to sacrifice yourself to protect me.

I have worked hard not to do so.

To be your strength, to help you.”


Han Soo-Young said so and walked right next to Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

And standing right next to him, she looked forward and said.


“If we going to get out of here, either we both walk away intact, or die together……  It's one of the two."


“…… .”


Yoo Ji-Hyuk let out a small breath.

He had to admit that it would be disrespectful to her to keep telling her to run away after hearing these words, and after she had already made up her mind.




He nodded and grabbed the only remaining Yado's dagger and Nidhogg's fang.


“Let’s fight together.”


Even if we die, the road we go on won't be lonely because we are two.

After he muttered this, Han Soo-Young, who had been wearing a firm expression, finally smiled as if she liked it.


“…… .”


The other Han Soo-Young, who looked at them without saying a word, waved her hand.

She had neutralized one, but there were still five left.


“…… .”


The paladin escaped from the formation as if trying to protect the other Han Soo-Young.

And Yoo Ji-Hyuk, noticing that Henir's shadow had recovered, summoned his clone again.


“I’m sorry, but let’s go through some trouble together.”


Yoo Ji-Hyuk said that to the clone, who had nothing to give an answer.

Simply looking at the number of heads alone, this side was pushed back.

Not to mention, their individual strength was also superior to this side.

However, until this moment, Yoo Ji-Hyuk had rarely fought in a situation where he had an advantage.

That's why he put all his strength into his legs, thinking that he could get out of it this time again.


“… Cover me I'll run straight.”


"Trust me."


At Han Soo-Young's words, Yoo Ji-Hyuk recklessly ran forward, not caring about his own body.

Li Wei ran to stop him, and Ahn Joo-Hyuk ran to hit Han Soo-Young.


Han Soo-Young fired that intangible blow again, not at Ahn Joo-Hyuk, but Li Wei.


Li Wei's body was smashed and flew far away.

She then smashed Evangeline, who was blocking Yoo Ji-Hyuk's front.


“…… !”


Aiming at the defenseless woman, Ahn Joo-hyuk threw a straight punch.

However, the clone, who was waiting to protect her, let out a silent scream and blocked the straight punch with his whole body.


Even though the shadows were shaken by the immense impact, Henir's shadow, understanding the will of the owner, never retreated.


The one blocking the way was now Reiko Fujiwara.

Yoo Ji-Hyuk grabbed Nidhogg's fang and threw it straight at her body.


Among the six, she was the most inferior in physical ability.

Her undead which was caught up to the ankles by the branches of the World Tree, was easily neutralized.

In the meantime, Nidhogg's fang was buried in her body, but there was no time to retrieve it now.


Yoo Ji-hyuk ran without a break.

All he had to do was cross the Paladin and he would arrive.


And right in front of his eyes, he saw the other Han Soo Young, who suddenly had teary eyes and was coughing up black blood.


“Euk, cough… !”


Covering her mouth with her hand, she coughed as if in pain.

As the black, dead blood dripped down between her fingers, Yoo Ji-Hyuk could notice that all the undead had temporarily slowed down.


It was an opportunity.

However, Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who saw her appearance, had no choice but to hesitate, even for a moment.


And when Han Soo-Young saw it, coughed up blood and screamed at him in a desperate voice.


“Now, what are you hesitating about… !”


As if he shouldn't, she cried out as if begging him, glaring with her two eyes.


“I am now your enemy… ! But what if you feel compassion for such an enemy and miss the opportunity...



With those words, the Paladin, who started moving again, rushed in and pushed Yoo Ji-Hyuk away.

He was hit in the face by the shield and fell, spilling blood, but he regained his spirit again and took his stance.


Seeing the will in his eyes, the other Han Soo-Young thought quietly.


That's it.


He came running again.

The paladin naturally swung her sword to stop him.


The other Han Soo-Young knew exactly what Yoo Ji-Hyuk's limits were.

So, she, who was suppressing the physical abilities of the undead, including the paladin, had no doubt that Yoo Ji-Hyuk would be able to dodge or stop the attack.


That's why as she watched Yoo Ji-Hyuk's left arm cut off, she couldn't think for a moment.


In the notification window, visible only to Yoo Ji-Hyuk's eyes and not to anyone else's, there was a single sentence floating in the air.


[The skill ‘Fortitude’ has been used.]


The will begins to spring up again in the body and mind that is collapsing.

Even though he should have collapsed or lost consciousness, he did not stop.


"Ah, ahh… !”


Han Soo-Young, who saw that, trembled without realizing it.

It was not that she was intimidated by the figure that was spraying blood and rushing at her like a beast.


That look.

Like him in the past.


His look who died miserably.

She hadn't forgotten that look for a single day.


“Kritt… ! Youuuuu..



Han Soo-Young clenched her teeth.

She somehow managed to hold back the urge to cry and scream at him to stop right now.


It's okay.

The bleeding can be stopped right away.

He's not dead yet.

As she was reassuring herself like that, the dagger swang by Yoo Ji-hyuk grazed her shoulder.


She hadn't been touched by a blade in the four years since she had killed all the Ten Strongest.


She felt a lot of indescribable emotions that Yoo Ji-Hyuk had hurt her.


Anger, sadness, resentment, disappointment, despair, discouragement, loneliness, regret, love…… .

And relief.

Finally, a sense of duty to stop him somehow.


“Yoo Ji-Hyuk, youuuuu… !”


Shouting like that, Han Soo-Young gathered her strength in her hands.

If she directly hit him like this, no matter how much he tried, he would be on the verge of death in no time.

She concentrated her mana in the blink of an eye, and it was when she made eye contact with Yoo Ji-Hyuk.


His figure seemed to overlap with him in her memories.

And the figure of him who lost his left arm and was full of wounds...… .


“Now, what the hell are you hesitating about...!”


Yoo Ji-Hyuk clenched his teeth and shouted.

He didn't even know who the words were heading to.


It's been a long time since Yado's dagger had been dropped.

However, in his right hand, the branches of the World Tree were woven by their own will, forming a shape like a stake.


Please reach.

It was when he muttered like that and pulled his right arm back as hard as he could.

Suddenly Han Soo-young's expression turned cold and he didn't miss the fact that she was muttering something.


He heard thunder resound.


Yoo Ji-Hyuk knew better than anyone that it was the sound made by Lee Myung-Joon.

Numerous thoughts passed through his mind.


The question of how on earth Lee Myung-Joon's undead could use the art from when he was alive.

The fact that it was already over at the time when he heard the thunder.

And the fact that she wasn't sincere for a second in front of him.


Yoo Ji-Hyuk could see a notification that the fortitude effect had ended in front of his eyes.


“… Ah."


His vision began to darken.

At the end of his waking consciousness, he heard someone's desperate scream.


* * *


F*ck, f*ck, f*ckkkkkk!


Margo cried out as he relentlessly pulled his hair, which he had always managed with great care.

The fact that the scene unfolding in front of him was a situation he had always wanted to avoid caused him endless pain.


What the hell had he done wrong!

He just wanted to live as all life does.

It was just that...



The unknown fear of death was not something Margo could overcome.

No matter what one did the Seven Evils wouldn't die if the conditions were not met.

That was what it meant by incomplete immortality.

And that came to Margo as an unavoidable fear.


So he ate the Red Case and erased any possibility of killing him.

He thought he had finally gotten rid of that damn weight after all these years...!


As soon as he saw Yoo Ji-Hyuk, he almost burst into tears.

He didn't even want to know how many conditions he had met to kill him.



Qualification as a stranger.

The smell of a being that can change the flow of the world.

And, the smell of the disgusting birdbrain and his own energy that he felt from him.


Margo was terrified of him.

He said to him that he had three, but actually he had four.


He certainly had his own energy and the energy of that disgusting birdbrain, though it was weak.

He had no time to think about when, where, or how.


What was important was the fact that those who had the energy of the Seven Evils could kill them.


I wish Yoo Ji-Hyuk would die.

Please, please die.

Please die for my peace.

Margo thought so and squeezed his power.


Originally, there should be only one point of symmetry in this dungeon.

But there are always exceptions and expedients to the rules.


By slightly twisting the axis of the point of symmetry, he summoned 'Yoo Ji-Hyuk' who were in antipodism, even if they were not completely symmetrical with him.

Even though they were all the ones that he had pushed so hard to summon, they all died like a**holes.

With the excessive use of power, Margo could feel his beautiful eyes stained with blood.


But that wasn't the only problem.


“What the hell is that monster… !”


He didn't mean to call something like that. 

But somehow, such a monster had popped up.


Just like Yoo Ji-Hyuk, that was a human who exuded his energy.

As the number of beings capable of killing him increased to two in an instant, he literally wanted to die.

Then another fact drove him into the abyss.


He couldn't find his own existence in her world.


That meant that he had been murdered in her world.

He didn't even have to think about who killed him.


“I don’t want to die.”


He muttered blankly.

He was the weakest of the Seven Evils.

Perhaps even an ordinary human hero would be able to defeat him. 


But even if he put aside the fact that he was weak, that woman's strength was literally outside the realm of humanity.


“Ariman, no…… That lizard b*tch, maybe the fish head too...… .”


No one can win except those three.

He muttered blankly, then caught the sight of another woman in his eyes.


“… Okay."


He immediately found a way.

It was to kill the original being, and forcibly release the dungeon before the reality was fixed.


If he does that, the fixed axis of the original will disappear, and that woman will be kicked out into her original world.

Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who was left, would be the problem, but he was confident that he would be able to win easily if it was only one a**hole with one arm cut off.


“Hoo, hooo…… .”


He carefully began to transfer behind Han Soo-Young.

The dungeon was just like his body, so it was as natural as breathing.


If he cut off the head, that alone will kill a human.

If he had been a human, he wouldn't have been able to go out because of that fact alone.

Margo immediately raised his sharp claws towards Han Soo-Young.


I don't want to die.

So you should die instead of me.

He thought so.


Suddenly, thunder began to resound.


Margo literally screamed at the top of his lungs.


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