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Chapter 1781: The Real and the Fake 2Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

After she lost the memory of him, Gu Weiwei never asked to see her child again.

Even when Gu Siting mentioned the child and told her that the child was sick, she showed no reaction.

That made Gu Siting totally convinced that the experiment was successful.

After all, she was willing to come home because of her child.

If she had not really forgotten about him, she would not have looked so calm when she heard that her son was sick.

Also, she seemed to think that he did not know who she really was.


So she had been concealing her emotions discreetly, pretending as if she had never known him before.

She looked exactly the same as when he had met her several times before.

Gu Weiwei did not ask him to leave, fearing that he would get suspicious if she objected too strongly.

But she just could not sit still, as if thinking of a countermeasure that could allow her to leave.

Coming out of Gu Weiweis room, he asked the researcher of the experiment, “How many more times do you need to do the experiment”

“Two times at most.” The responsible contact took a look at the monitoring data and suggested.

“But it would be best if the interval in-between is a few days.

There have been some abnormal reactions in the previous experiments because of the frequent experiments.”

Gu Siting frowned.

“How long do you need”

“About three to five days, if the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus are stimulated too often, it may cause serious damage and even loss of all her memory,” the researcher said.

Gu Siting thought for a while.

“Okay, we can do it again after a few days.”

He had waited for three years, and so he did not mind waiting a few more days.

He left the lab and went straight to the company instead of returning to the Gu Familys mansion

Kuroda Shio followed him into the office with a pile of files.

“How is Ling Yans case”

“The popularity has dropped, and the audio file explains the origin.

Also, the drug scandal of a superstar has been revealed, and the whole family has been warned not to make any more counter posts,” Kuroda Shio said.

Gu Siting nodded in satisfaction.

“When the matter is over, get rid of all the evidence.

I dont want anyone to find out Ling Yans name in the future.”

“Yes, President Gu,” Kuroda Shio replied.

Although it was a bit difficult, it had to be done well.

Otherwise the Fu Family would use this matter to attack the Gu Family.

“What is Fu Hanzheng doing these days” Gu Siting asked indifferently as he was signing the documents.

“He and Yuan Meng are still looking for the child, and Fu Shiqin has full control of the company, but…” Kuroda Shio looked at him and said, “He doesnt seem to know about Weiweis memory loss.”

Surprised, Gu Siting sneered.

“Yuan Shuo must have hidden it from him.”

“Then… should we leak it to the Fu Family” Kuroda Shio asked.

Gu Siting sneered.

“No hurry.

When Weiwei forgets everything in Hua Land, I will tell him the good news.”

The experiment had not yet succeeded and he did not want Fu Hanzheng to know about it.

So if Yuan Shuo did not want to tell him, he did not have to either.

He was going to know about it eventually.

If he knew about it later on, he would suffer even more.

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