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Chapter 164.2

Leaving Home

Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada


After Ryan left, Tian Xin also got up early and cleaned the house inside and out.

After the baby was fed, she went outside with her baby.

Tian Xin was thinking about the matter and wanted to find out, and she would not ask Moussa about this kind of issue.

After all, she was the one involved and was not very familiar with the females in the village.

After thinking about it, it was only possible to ask Ivy.


She and Moussa were very close.

She also had visited her home several times because of Moussa, so she knew her well enough.


When Tian Xin arrived, Sander had also gone out hunting.

Only Ivy and her son, Little Leo, were left at home.

Ivy was pleased to see Tian Xin holding the baby and greeted them as they entered the house.

Little Leo was already one year old and was strong enough to walk on the ground.


He was very excited to see Tian Tian, who was about the same age as him.

Tian Xin put Tian Tian on the bed, and he climbed up next to her and chatted with her, popping out every now and then.


Beautiful.” Such words came.


It was not sure whether Tian Tian understood or what; she giggled, and she also talked to him in the same way.

The two chatted happily, but not a word of what they said was understandable to Ivy and Tian Xin.


Ivy was a bit surprised by seeing Tian Xin at her house alone with Tian Tian to play.

She and Moussa had always acted as a team and came to see her together at her home.

How come Tian Xin came alone today Seeing that she did not look very well, Ivy asked, “What’s the matter with you What’s wrong You don’t look well”


Tian Xin did not delay and asked directly, “Did Ryan used to like Moussa”


Ivy was stunned and then understood.

No wonder she didn’t come with Moussa.

It turned out that Tian Xin knew that Ryan had liked Moussa.

Then she reassured her, “That was all before you came.

Don’t take it to heart.

I see now that Ryan is very interested in you, and he must not have Moussa in his heart now.”


Tian Xin smiled, instantly feeling as though her heart was on fire.

She guessed correctly.

Ryan dared to lie to her, and she was so mad at him.


Tian Xin’s heart suffered, and she was in no mood to talk to Ivy.

After a few casual and perfunctory words, she carried Tian Tian home.


Ivy watched her rushing to and fro and was surprised.

What was she doing here in the end


Then she shook her head and went to work on her own business.

She did not even notice that she had inadvertently caused a big problem for Ryan.


When Tian Xin returned home, the more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t suppress her anger.

Finally, Tian Xin decided to teach Ryan a lesson so he would never dare to lie to her again.

So she found a large animal skin, wrapped some fruit, meat, and a few changes of clothes, and decided to leave home.

So, she would let the man be anxious.


Anyway, he had a good sense of smell.

He should be able to find the two of them soon.

Tian Xin was just scaring him.

She also deliberately turned the house into a mess so that he would know she had left with the baby as soon as he got home.


Tian Xin carried the bag and held the child out of the village, and found a random direction to walk all the way down.

At first, she walked very fast, and she did not want Ryan to see them immediately.

But as Tian Xin walked, she got a little tired, so she walked and stopped.

She looked back to see if Ryan had come after her every now and then.


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