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So Beautiful (2)

He looked down at her.

The petite girl seemed to be in his arms.


His gaze changed from restraint to unbridled, sizing her up carefully.


Ning Zhen was so scared her soul almost flew up.

Fortunately, the class was still in session at the moment, and there was no one around.

She reached out to break off Lu Zhi's hand.

"Lu Zhi, what are you doing, let go..." If Song Baoyun sees us together again, will you have to fake another stomachache This strikes double fear and is too horrible!


Timid like this...


There was a little smile in Lu Zhi's eyes.


He reached out and lifted her chin so she could look into his eyes.

The flickering lights and shadows from the corridor reflected on his body, and his eyes shone brighter than the stars.


"Cutie." Lu Zhi laughed, "So beautiful.

What are you covering"


Ning Zhen's scalp was numb, and she slapped his hand away.

"I'm not pretty, so I didn't cover it up." She took a deep breath to keep her voice from shaking.

"Lu Zhi, it's time for us to go back to class!"


Lu Zhi slowly let go of her wrist and raised the corners of his lips, "Okay."


Ning Zhen finally breathed a sigh of relief, and the two walked back to the classroom.


Behind her, Lu Zhi suddenly spoke, "Ning Zhen, are you afraid of me"


Ning Zhen squeezed the mask in her hand and, without answering him, walked into the classroom quickly.


"Report." Ning Zhen said softly.


Many students looked over, and then their eyes slowly widened! Fuck, **, **...

Ning Zhen That's the new classmate Ning Zhen!


The English teacher in class stopped writing on the blackboard and nodded to them.

"Come in."


Xie Yu's eyes fell on Ning Zhen and widened slightly.

She quickly turned her head and stopped looking at her.


In the back row, Xia Xiaoshi leaned forward slightly and spoke in a low voice, unable to hide her excitement, "Wow, Zhen Zhen, so so so beautiful!"


Ning Zhen was in turmoil.

All she could think about was the question Lu Zhi asked earlier, "Ning Zhen, are you afraid of me".


The classroom was conveying a message with their eyes, the new classmate is a big beauty ah ah ah ah!


The eyes of Class 7's students radiated with gossip.

They were more excited than hearing about the cheating before.


As soon as Lu Zhi sat down, Chen Dongshu poked him in the back.


Lu Zhi turned his head, looking a little annoyed.


"Brother Zhi, tell me the truth, have you seen what she looks like before"


"Why the ** would I have seen her before" He leaned back in his chair.

Even his scolding was graceful-looking.


"Damn, Brother Zhi, is there this kind of operation You can pick up the treasure even if you haven't seen it before." Chen Dongshu was speechless.

He also imagined that Ning Zhen had a horrible face under the mask.

Then, he looked at Brother Zhi's reaction.


Lu Zhi reached into the drawer to find a cigarette, but it was empty.

He didn't find anything.




He threw it all away before.


The English teacher was talking, and Lu Zhi looked out the window.


The next segment after class was a huge break.

There were 20 minutes of break time.

Wei Yijie called out, "Classmates, don't leave.

We have to change seats.

Books can be collected later.

Stand in the aisle first.

Hurry up.

I'll read the list..."


Everyone got up from their seats one after another.


Lin Zichuan and the others didn't move.


Generally speaking, the throne of the boss couldn't be shaken.

Even if they got up and went out, others wouldn't dare to sit.

Not to mention, the good students all loved to fight for front row seats.


Chen Dongshu just took out his mobile phone and planned to have a four-row with his brothers.


At the corner of his eye, Lu Zhi got up and said to Lin Zichuan, "Give me a pack of cigarettes."


Chen Dongshu winked at Xiao Feng - I told you Brother Zhi won't last for a few days.


Lu Zhi took a pack of cigarettes and walked forward.


Ning Zhen's things were neat, and she had nothing to clean up.

After Wei Yijie announced that they were going to change seats, she silently got up and stood in the aisle.


Behind her was the score sheet.

Ning Zhen glanced at it.


There are a total of 56 people in the class.

The first was Gao An, a very quiet boy, and the second was Wei Yijie.

Their total scores were 632 and 607, respectively.


The poor grades in Class 7 were part of the reason.

Another part of the reason was the difficulty of the questions.


Her eyes slid down.

Xie Yu was ninth, and Xia Xiaoshi was fifteenth.


It would take a while before it was Xia Xiaoshi's turn to pick a seat.

The first few rows were called the top student area, and the top 20 usually sit in the second, third, and fourth rows.

In her opinion, there were also special ones, such as Xie Yu, who liked to sit at the first table.


Xia Xiaoshi stood beside Ning Zhen.

Her face was a little red.

"Zhen Zhen, you are really beautiful."


She held her face and blinked her eyes, genuinely complimenting her, even a little shy.


It was the first time a girl had said that.

Ning Zhen was quite embarrassed.


She was a little shy.

Before she could speak, the classroom was suddenly quiet for a moment.


The two girls stopped talking, and both looked up.


Lu Zhi chewed his gum and casually threw a pack of cigarettes in the third row of the first group.


Wei Yijie stood beside him, confused for a moment.

The voice reading the names got stuck.

Lu Zhi turned his head and glanced at him.

"Class president, continue."


"Oh, oh, next, Wan Lin..."


Xia Xiaoshi looked dumbfounded, "Zhen Zhen, what is Lu Zhi doing"


Ning Zhen glanced at the score sheet next to her and pursed her lips.

She thought she knew what Lu Zhi was going to do.


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