April 29th 2014 in Fun by

National Poetry Month

(Scott Banks is the Porcaro poetry nut. Each year during National Poetry Month he sends a poem and commentary to his friends and colleagues. This is what he sent this year.)

National Poetry Month is nearly gone. I am bone tired from all the poetry parties I attended. Poetry people know how to get down on the floor and get funky—in a poetic sort of way. …

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December 23rd 2013 in Fun by

A Sweet New Tradition

Daryl told us about a new tradition that involves chocolate and several antique molds.

My wife and I came across several German antique metal chocolate molds at an estate sale this year. And while they  are beautiful to look at, I wanted to see if they work. I found lots of advice online and the proper type of casting chocolate at a Super Walmart. …

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October 31st 2013 in Fun by

A Rink Rat Returns Home

When I came to work at Porcaro 13 years ago, it took looking out our back window to realize I had a closer connection to the area than when I first realized, a connection that goes back to when I was six years old.

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