May 22nd 2013 in New Work by

Forget shopping local, this summer read local

Alaskans looking for a summer read don’t have to wander beyond the borders of their own state to find some really good choices. Besides, we should be supporting our creative talent and one way to do that is to buy their books. You’re going to discover we have some amazing talent in Alaska. Here’s a few worth a read.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey …

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April 4th 2013 in New Work by

So you don’t like poetry.

April is National Poetry Month. Yeah, I can see the excitement in your eyes. Stay with me, because I feel for you and what you had to endure in the eighth grade language arts class. You probably had more interest in that cute guy or girl sitting two rows up and one seat over.

My sister told me that she didn’t like poetry, that it was …

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March 21st 2013 in New Work by

March Madness!

I don’t know anything about basketball. I am 5 foot 1 ½ inches tall and I have never had very good eye-hand coordination. But almost everyone here at Porcaro does a March Madness bracket, so rather than be a spoilsport, I’ve chosen to fall back on the cute little mascots. So here are the match ups and reasons behind my bracket.


This is …

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March 12th 2013 in New Work by

Fun & Creativity in the Workplace

It’s no secret around here that I am a serious person. While I love to laugh and engage in idle chit-chat about silly stuff as much as the next guy, for the most part, I am focused and preoccupied with what I’m currently working on. But I work in a very creative and fun business and my seriousness is not always met with a smile …

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February 12th 2013 in New Work by

Tips on Buying Printing Services

Understanding the printing process can ensure that you get the product you want and for a fair price. I’ve been buying and managing printing projects for over 20 years and here are some tips that can help you achieve a printed piece that’s effective, affordable and attractive.

It’s all about relationships in the printing business. A good printer’s sales rep. can guide you through the printing …

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January 25th 2013 in Tips & Tricks by

How to Give a Great Presentation

Presentations are a necessary evil in the world and depending on the presenter you can either have an engaging, knowledge-filled experience or a snooze fest. This blog post is to help you have more of the former and to avoid the latter.

Step #1 – Be prepared.
Nothing loses an audience faster than an unprepared speaker. Practice and get comfortable with your presentation. This helps your confidence …

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December 17th 2012 in New Work by

Porcaro Artist Featured in Alaska Aviation Museum and Alaska Veterans Museum

John Hume recently had five original oil paintings selected by the Alaska Aviation Museum and Alaska Veterans Museum for purchase by the Rasmuson Foundation Art Acquisition Fund. The Fund supports living, practicing Alaskan artists through museum purchases, enhances the permanent art collections of Alaskan museums, and encourages Alaskan museums to develop formal collections policies.

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