April 29th 2014 in Fun by

National Poetry Month

(Scott Banks is the Porcaro poetry nut. Each year during National Poetry Month he sends a poem and commentary to his friends and colleagues. This is what he sent this year.)

National Poetry Month is nearly gone. I am bone tired from all the poetry parties I attended. Poetry people know how to get down on the floor and get funky—in a poetic sort of way. …

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February 21st 2014 in Behind the scenes by

Passing on the Torch

We try to pass on our insight and enthusiasm about the advertising business, and we did just that when students from the Anchorage School District’s King Career Center graphic arts class visited the agency. Agency President Mark Hopkin and Vice President/Senior Art Director Bob Thompson hosted two classes, giving them a sense of the practical side of our work day and an idea of the …

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December 23rd 2013 in Fun by

A Sweet New Tradition

Daryl told us about a new tradition that involves chocolate and several antique molds.

My wife and I came across several German antique metal chocolate molds at an estate sale this year. And while they  are beautiful to look at, I wanted to see if they work. I found lots of advice online and the proper type of casting chocolate at a Super Walmart. …

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December 16th 2013 in New Work by

What to expect when you’re expecting a new website

Developing a website from scratch or even launching a redesign of your existing website can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of elements, and most can seem too technical to tackle. Don’t let this daunting feeling prevent you from starting the project. Most potential get their first impression of your business online, so a bad online presence is just as bad as no presence at …

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November 11th 2013 in Behind the scenes by

Veterans Day Remembrances of our Families

In honor of Veteran’s Day we decided to post photos and stories of our parents and relatives who served in the military. As I walked around the office asking about the photos, I discovered that everyone had a story, everyone had a relative who served. What it boils down to is that we are all touched by those who served our country in the military, …

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October 31st 2013 in Fun by

A Rink Rat Returns Home

When I came to work at Porcaro 13 years ago, it took looking out our back window to realize I had a closer connection to the area than when I first realized, a connection that goes back to when I was six years old.

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September 25th 2013 in New Work by

Guest Blog: HagePhoto on Location

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation’s Energy Services might just be the toughest client to have in the entire state of Alaska. Not in that ‘tough to work with’ way; we’re talking rugged tough. The AES crew are the people that keep the oil and gas industry up and running here in AK. They work in some of the most challenging conditions on Earth up on the …

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July 30th 2013 in New Work by

What makes a logo great?

When I casually mentioned that I’d like to write about logos, our head designer, Bob Thompson started throwing out ideas, theories and thoughts. He said, “I could go on all day.” That’s what is perplexing about logos, they look simple enough, but you don’t really know the labor and thought behind the choices the designer made to arrive at the final artwork. A logo, for …

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July 1st 2013 in New Work by

Radio Avails are Getting Scarce

There’s a strange phenomenon going on in Alaska radio advertising right now. It’s a hot market, with airtime sold out two months in advance. Highly unusual says our Media Director Beth Laird. She’s been buying in this market for more than 20 years and is having a hard time keeping up. She’s asked our radio reps and they can’t figure out why this shortage …

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